Highlights from Recent Programs

INT 23-85W

April 17 - 21, 2023: Interplay of Nuclear, Neutrino and BSM Physics at Low Energies

B. Dutta, J. Newstead, V. Pandey

INT 22-84W

December 5 -9, 2022: Dense Nuclear Matter Equation of State from Heavy-Ion Collisions

A. Sorensen, D. Oliinychenko, S. Pratt

INT 22-83W

September 12 -16, 2022: Parton Distributions and Nucleon Structure

M. Constantinou, A. Manohar, W. Wang, Y. Zhao

INT 22-2b

August 1 - September 2, 2022: Dark Matter in Compact Objects and Low Energy Experiments

M. Baryakhtar, G. Fuller, S. Reddy, T. Yu

INT 22-2a

July 11 - 22, 2022: Neutron Rich Matter on Heaven and Earth

K. Chatziioannou, J. Piekarewicz, A. Watts 

INT 20R-77

June 13 - 17, 2022: Origin of the Visible Universe: Unraveling the Proton Mass

I. Cloët, Z.-E. Meziani, B. Pasquini

INT 20R-1b

May 23 - 27, 2022: The r-process and the nuclear EOS after LIGO-Virgo's third observing run

D. Radice, J. Read, L. Roberts

INT 22-1

March 28 - April 22, 2022: Machine Learning for Nuclear Theory

G. Hagen, N. Sato, P. Shanahan

INT 21-80W

November 1 - 5, 2021: Fragmentation Functions 2021

M. Radici, R. Seidl, A. Signori

INT 21-3

October 4 - 22, 2021: Radionuclides: Nuclear Physics, Astrophysical Models, and Observations

C. Fryer, A. Spyrou, R. Surman, F. Timmes

INT 21-79W

September 20 - 24, 2021: New Directions in Neutrino Flavor Evolution in Astrophysical Systems

E. Armstrong, G. Fuller, A. Patwardhan, E. Rrapaj

INT 21-1c

May 17 - June 4, 2021: Tensor Networks in Many Body and Quantum Field Theory

S. Catterall, G. Evenbly, Y. Meurice, A. Roggero

INT 21-1b

April 19 - May 7, 2021: Nuclear Forces for Precision Nuclear Physics

I. Tews, Z. Davoudi, A. Eström, J. Holt

INT 21-1a

March 1 - 19, 2021: Topological Phases of Matter: From Low to High Energy

A. Cherman, L. Fidkowski, S. Sen, I. Shovkovy

INT 20-78W

November 16 - 20, 2020: Renormalization Group Approaches to the Many-Body Problem

S. Bogner, H. Hergert, R. Stroberg

INT 20-3

October 5 - November 13, 2020: Scientific Quantum Computing and Simulation on Near-Term Devices

D. Dean, D. Kaplan, C. Muschik, M.J. Savage

INT 20-2c

August 17 - September 4, 2020.: Accessing and Understanding the QCD Spectra

R. Briceno, G. Eichmann, A. Pilloni

INT 20-1c

May 11-22, 2020: Chirality and Criticality: Novel Phenomena in Heavy-Ion Collisions

J. Liao, M. Stephanov, Z. Xu, H.-U. Yee

INT 20-1a

January 13 - February 7, 2020: Neutrinos from the Lab to the Cosmos

K. Abazajian, J. Formaggio, C. Lunardini


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