21-1b Highlights

 INT 21-1b Highlights Report

Nuclear Forces for Precision Nuclear Physics

April 19 - May 7, 2021

Organizers: I. Tews, Z. Davoudi, A. Eström, J. Holt


Image Credit: Andy Sproles (ORNL)
Conceptual art by LeJean Hardin and Andy Sproles/ORNL


This program brought together researchers with expertise in nuclear many-body techniques, effective field theory (EFT), and lattice QCD for nuclear physics, to share recent advances and new developments, and to discuss shortcomings, generate new ideas, and identify solutions to these issues. During the first week, the talks addressed many-body calculations of nuclei and nuclear matter, highlighting shortcomings and uncertainties in various approaches. The importance of estimating truncation and regulator uncertainties in all nuclear systems was stressed. Furthermore, it was discussed that delta-full and delta-less approaches need to be compared on an equal footing, and which set of observables is ideal to constrain three-nucleon interactions. Week 2 addressed recent computational and statistical developments for nuclear forces, in particular for uncertainty quantification and emulators. For the former, this included Gaussian processes and Bayesian statistical techniques while for the latter, tools like eigenvector continuation were extensively discussed. In the final week, talks focused on new power-counting schemes and ways to use lattice QCD results to construct nuclear Hamiltonians. Discussions included the question if it is necessary to go beyond the standard Weinberg power counting. In addition, participants discussed different ways of matching lattice QCD and EFTs, and new developments in rigorous nuclear spectroscopy with lattice QCD. The third week included an additional day to address “Quantum information and quantum computing for low-energy nuclear physics” to discuss the introduction of a new computational tool in nuclear physics that might help us solve complex nuclear phenomena not accessible to our current methods and technologies.


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