22-2a Highlights

  INT 22-2a Highlights Report

Neutron Rich Matter on Heaven and Earth

July 11 - 22, 2022

K. Chatziioannou, J. Piekarewicz, A. Watts 


22-2a Highlights


The two-week program gathered the main stakeholders interested in the determination of the equation of state of neutron-rich matter. The main goal of the program was to understand the profound impact of recent discoveries that have strengthened the connection between nuclear physics and astrophysics in the brand new era of multi-messenger astronomy. The truly multidisciplinary program was organized in a hybrid modality consisting of both in-person and virtual participation. Each morning two overview talks discussed the opportunities and challenges in nuclear experiments, electromagnetic observations, gravitational-wave detections—and the theory that is required for a consistent interpretation of the data. The afternoon sessions were devoted to shorter presentations with the goal of triggering discussions on how best to move the field forward. An additional one-week workshop has been scheduled for late June 2023 that will bring together many of the same participants to assess the progress that has been made in one year.

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