INT 21r-1a Highlights

  INT 21r-1a Highlights Report

Topological Phases of Matter: From Low to High Energy

March 6 - 10, 2023

A. Cherman, L. Fidkowski, S. Sen, I. Shovkovy


21r-1a Highlights Fig. 1


Recent developments in topological materials have the potential to offer new perspectives on foundational questions in quantum field theory. Similarly, progress in quantum field theory has the potential to offer insights into the inner workings of topological materials. The related overlapping ideas can transform our understanding of several questions of practical interest in areas such as the QCD phase diagram and lattice field theory. With this in mind we organized a weeklong workshop in March 2023 which brought together particle, nuclear and condensed matter physicists to discuss ideas relating to topological phases at various energy scales. We had four talks every day with plenty of time for informal discussion. The workshop was well-attended and highly interactive, with many exciting discussions after each session. 


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