INT 22-2b Highlights

   INT 22-2b Highlights Report

Dark Matter in Compact Objects and Low Energy Experiments

August 1 - September 2, 2022

M. Baryakhtar, G. Fuller, S. Reddy, T. Yu

The nature of dark matter is a central problem of modern physics. Research in this area involves every aspect of the physical science enterprise, from fundamental elementary particle physics and gravitation to observational astronomy. Nuclear physics, involving both experiment and theory, will be a key player in unraveling this mystery. In August 2022 we brought together physicists representing many disciplines to discuss, review, and collectively plan investigation in this exciting area. Each day of the workshop consisted of 2 or 3 short talks, with a mix of in-person and virtual presentations. Monday morning was reserved as an introduction session while Friday afternoon was reserved as a discussion session. Thanks to the hybrid nature of the workshop, we had participants from all across the Americas as well as from Europe and Asia. The central theme that motivated all the talks and discussions was to uncover the nature of dark matter.

22-2b Highlights


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