Proposing Events to the INT

INT programs (4-12 weeks) and summer schools (2-3 weeks) are proposed by community members and reviewed by the National Advisory Committee (NAC) during its annual meeting. The NAC makes recommendations to the INT director, who is responsible for selecting and notifying the successful proposers. Program proposals submitted by the deadline of year 20xx will be considered for scheduling in the calendar year 20(xx+2). The director works with the successful proposers to determine the time periods (spring, summer, fall) of the selected programs. Traditionally, approximately 35% of proposals are accepted on first submission. However, declined proposals can be revised and reconsidered at subsequent meetings.

Proposals for INT workshops (1-5 days) should also be submitted for review by the NAC, and if submitted in calendar year 20xx will be considered for scheduling in year 20(xx+1), about six months later. Occasionally workshops can be scheduled on short notice without NAC review if the scientific case for them is considered particularly compelling by the INT director.

  • The next NAC meeting will be held on October 17-18, 2024; all proposals need to be submitted by Thursday, August 15, 2024, to receive full consideration.
  • Proposals for programs and workshops should be submitted using the Google form. See below for instructions and a preview of the form before you begin.
  • Common formats proposed are:
    • 1-5 day stand-alone workshops with up to about 40 participants (we can financially support up to 20 participants)

    • 2-week shorter programs or 3-4 week longer programs with up to about 15 people in residence at any time scheduled in spring, summer, or fall two years following the NAC meeting, with shorter and interdisciplinary programs generally favored for the Summer slots. Longer programs may include embedded workshops with higher attendance for up to a week, which can be useful for attracting experimentalists, scientists from other domains, and scientists from technology companies to interact with theorists.

    • Proposers of longer programs are strongly encouraged to be in residence at the INT for the full duration of their program. Submission of a proposal confirms commitments by each organizer to spend no less than half the duration at the program, and that there will be at least one organizer at the INT throughout the program.

Except in unusual circumstances, the INT treats all organizers and all participants equally. There are standard policies and procedures for financial support. These, along with other detailed information about program administration, are described in the guidelines provided to each organizer once a program has been accepted.

The INT is equally committed to hosting scientific events focused on core nuclear physics issues as well as interdisciplinary topics (involving intersections of nuclear theory with astrophysics, particle physics, atomic physics, condensed matter physics, etc.).

Instructions for program and workshop proposals

  • Set up a Google account if you do not already have one.
  • Allow at least 45 minutes to complete the form and submit. The form must be completed in one sitting; data is saved only when the form is submitted (all required fields must have some data entered, even if "TBD" to begin with). The separate data fields have been designed to ensure that key elements are addressed by every proposal, and to allow the NAC to more easily evaluate the proposals.
  • You can edit your submission prior to the deadline. Upon submission, Google Forms will send a confirmation notice and an edit link to the submitter's email address. Every time an edit is submitted, Google Forms will generate a new confirmation notice and edit link. Use the most recent edit link, as they are unique to each submission. Previous link(s) will no longer be valid.
  • All fields should be filled out completely before the application deadline or your proposal may not be considered.
  • Have the following information prepared and readily available before you begin:
    • Organizers info: name, institution, and email address

    • How many program / workshop weeks requested

    • Information on the embedded workshop (if applicable)

    • Preferred season and alternative options

    • Designated lead organizer, diversity coordinator, and diversity plan

    • Designated diversity coordinator and diversity plan

    • Key goals for the program / workshop

    • How the proposed event will impact nuclear physics, physics in general, and other fields of research

    • Why the event topic is important and timely

    • What makes INT uniquely suited as a venue

    • Name of prospective participants

    • Scientific motivations (as an attached PDF, up to 5 pages)

Note on diversity plan: The diversity plan and choice of coordinator are important aspects that are considered in the selection of programs/workshops.

Note on scientific motivations and impact for nuclear physics: For this section, please attach a PDF file not to exceed 5 pages. Here are some examples:

Note on prospective participants: A list of possible key participants is very helpful to the NAC; proposers are not expected to contact these individuals prior to approval. This list helps the NAC better visualize the focus of the proposal. The NAC encourages the inclusion of scientists at all levels from junior researchers (including, in exceptional cases, Ph.D. students) to those with more seniority and experience. The NAC is interested in seeing evidence that the proposers intend to attract to their program a diverse pool of participants, including women and other under-represented populations in the physics community, and early career scientists.

Proposal Submission Deadline: August 15, 2024

Here is the preview of the proposal form so you can see the required data fields.

Ready to apply?  INT Proposal application

Common Troubleshooting for proposal application

  • A Google account must be used.
    The submitter must be logged in when applying AND resubmitting if proposer decides to do edits.
  • Only one submission per Google Account.
    Only one proposal can be submitted per Google account. It's not the email address we ask on the first page but the actual Google account you are signed into when filling out the proposal the first time.
  • Must go through whole submission to be able to save and edit later.
    Information that proposers enter will not save until they actually submit the application. They can list "TBD" if unsure on some sections. Google will send a confirmation email with a link that proposers can go back to if they decide to edit their submission. If writing "TBD", please make sure to complete all information by the application deadline. Once the deadline has passed, proposals will be locked and answers with "TBD" will not be a complete application and may not be considered.
  • Do not attach scientific motivations PDF until it is finalized. Draft submissions are allowed without this PDF. Once the PDF is uploaded, the system will not allow modifications and you will need to email
  • Must use the most current Google link if editing submission.
  • Each time the proposal is edited, Google Forms sends an updated link that is unique to that draft of the proposal. The previous link(s) will NOT be valid. The old link still opens up to the previous draft but when you try to resubmit, it gives an error with no real explanation. Based on this complication, we highly recommend that only one of the proposers enter information in the NAC proposal form.

If your problem remains unsolved, please send email to: