INT Pre-Print Numbers for 2024-06-20

INT-22r-2a: Neutron Rich Matter on Heaven and Earth
Shafayat Shawqi, Sharon M. Morsink
Interpreting Mass and Radius Measurements of Neutron Stars with Dark Matter Halos
INT Staff
Yu Fu, Zhong-Bo Kang, Farid Salazar, Xin-Nian Wang, Hongxi Xing
Color Glass Condensate meets High Twist Expansion
INT Staff
Scott Lawrence, Arlee Shelby, Yukari Yamauchi
Quantum states from normalizing flows
INT Staff
Paul Caucal, Farid Salazar
Dihadron correlations in small-x DIS at NLO: transverse momentum dependent fragmentation
INT Staff
Vincenzo Cirigliano et al.
Ab-initio electroweak corrections to superallowed beta decays and their impact on Vud
INT Staff
Vincenzo Cirigliano et al.
Radiative corrections to superallowed beta decays in effective field theory
INT Staff
Mia Kumamoto and Sanjay Reddy
The Kohn-Luttinger Effect in Dense Matter and its Implications for Neutron Stars
INT Staff
Agnieszka Sorensen, Paul Sorensen
Locating the critical point for the hadron to quark-gluon plasma phase transition from finite-size scaling of proton cumulants in heavy-ion collisions
INT Staff
Lipei Du, Agnieszka Sorensen, Mikhail Stephanov
The QCD phase diagram and Beam Energy Scan physics: a theory overview
INT-22-2b: Dark Matter in Compact Objects, Stars, and in Low Energy Experiments
Nicole F. Bell, Giorgio Busoni, Sandra Robles, Michael Virgato
Heavy Dark Matter in White Dwarfs: Multiple-Scattering Capture and Thermalization
INT Staff
Vincenzo Cirigliano, Srimoyee Sen, Yukari Yamauchi
Neutrino many-body flavor evolution: the full Hamiltonian
INT Staff
R. Holzman, V. Koch, A. Rustamov, and J Stroth
Controlling volume fluctuations for studies of critical phenomena in nuclear collisions
INT Staff
S. Ali, D. Bala, A. Francis, G. Jackson, O. Kaczmarek, J. Turnwald, T. Ueding, N. Wink
Lattice QCD estimates of thermal photon production from the QGP
INT-20r-2c: Accessing and Understanding the QCD Spectra
Leon Heuser, George Chanturia, Feng-Kun Guo, Christoph Hanhart, Martin Hoferichter, Bastian Kubis
From pole parameters to line shapes and branching ratios
INT Staff
Anna E. McCoy, Mark A. Caprio, Pieter Maris and Patrick J. Fasano
Intruder band mixing in an ab initio description of 12Be
INT Staff
Paul Caucal, Elouan Ferrand, Farid Salazar
Semi-inclusive single-jet production in DIS at next-to-leading order in the Color Glass Condensate
INT Staff
W. Dekens, J. de Vries, D. Castillo, J. Menéndez, E. Mereghetti, V. Plakkot, P. Soriano, G. Zhou
Neutrinoless double beta decay rates in the presence of light sterile neutrinos
INT-23-2: Astrophysical neutrinos and the origin of the elements
Anson Kost, Lucas Johns, and Huaiyu Duan
Once-in-a-lifetime-encounter models for neutrino medium: From coherent oscillation to flavor equilibration
INT-22r-2a: Neutron Rich Matter on Heaven and Earth
Hsin-Yu Chen, Philippe Landry, Jocelyn S. Read, Daniel M. Siegel
Inference of multi-channel r-process element enrichment in the Milky Way using binary neutron star merger observations
INT Staff
Maria Dawid, Vincenzo Cirigliano, Wouter Dekens
One-loop analysis of beta decays in SMEFT
INT Staff
Scott Lawrence, Semeon Valgushev, Jianan Xiao, and Yukari Yamauchi
Contour deformations for non-holomorphic actions
INT Staff
Yuki Fujimoto, Kenji Fukushima, Syo Kamata, Koichi Murase
Uncertainty quantification in the machine-learning inference from neutron star probability distribution to the equation of state