20-1a Highlights

 INT 20-1a Highlights Report

Neutrinos from the Lab to the Cosmos

January 13 - February 7, 2020

K. Abazajian, J. Formaggio, C. Lunardini


Image Credit: Andy Sproles (ORNL)


Neutrinos are weakly interacting particles with strong impacts in nuclear astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics. The workshop explored the impact of neutrino mass and mixing on cosmological observables, including the cosmic expansion rate, the cosmic microwave background, and large scale structure, in particular looking at the standard model of neutrino properties as well as anomalies seen in short baseline experiments. The possibilities of new sterile neutrinos as dark matter were also explored. Connections with laboratory measures of absolute neutrino mass were explored, as well as oscillation experiments.

A large topic was the role of neutrinos and neutrino mixing on supernovae and supernova nucleosynthesis, with an exploration of the varied dynamical ranges in which neutrino heating, neutrino oscillations and neutrino kinetics affect the supernova environment. Signatures of neutrinos from high-energy cosmic rays were discussed as well.


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