Radiative corrections in neutrino physics

S@INT Seminar

In this talk, I will discuss neutrino sources and neutrino scattering cross sections at various energy scales. I will motivate and describe a few recent precise calculations of radiative corrections to neutrino-induced processes. I will formulate radiative corrections in the top-down effective field theory approach, present elastic neutrino-electron, coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus, inverse muon decay cross sections, neutrino energy spectra from radiative muon, pion, and kaon decays, and quantify the corresponding uncertainties. I will formulate radiative corrections to charged-current elastic neutrino-nucleon scattering in SCET framework and validate the precise relation between electron and muon flavor cross sections for signal events in neutrino oscillation experiments. I will present new permille-to-percent level effect on (anti)neutrino- and electron-nucleus scattering cross sections due to the exchange of photons with a nuclear medium.

This event will take place in the INT seminar room (C-421). All interested graduate students and faculty are invited to attend.

Participants are also welcome to join via Zoom. Zoom link will be available via announcement email, or by contacting: yfuji[at]uw.edu or prau[at]uw.edu

Oleksandr Tomalak
Los Alamos National Laboratory
INT Seminar Room (C421)
Talk Slides
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