Computing and Communication

Computing and Networking

All visitors to the INT will be given access to Wireless through a Shared Temporary NetID that is usually generated weekly and printed on the current week's schedule. If you don't see it, just ask the staff at the main desk. Wireless access is available throughout the Physics/Astronomy Buildings. To access any site or services within the university, simply connect to the wireless network (SSID) "University of Washington." If you need to access networks outside the university, bring up a web browser and point it to an outside site (e.g. There will be a login screen that will be visible instead of Google's main page. It will ask for your UW NetID and password or your Shared Temporary NetID.

Connecting and printing from your own laptop: You are encouraged to use your own laptop and connect to the University network. It is not protected by a firewall, so you must be certain that your computer has the necessary security patches (Windows users please note!) There is a network cable in each office for connecting to laptops. If you do not find it, ask the staff. Please do not unplug any lines going into the desktops; they are being used in our Condor network. The connection protocol is DHCP. If, after plugging the computer in, it does not find the network, you may need to reconfigure your laptop. Help for this purpose is available through PACS, the computer support group . You may configure your laptop to print directly to the INT printers, "morris" and "int-color", which are in the "Copy Room", C427. 

Step-by-step instructions for connecting to the printers wirelessly can be found here


Printing & scanning directly from the Copier: You may print from & scan to a flash drive with the Color copier. Only documents in .pdf and .jpeg formats are recognized. If you don't have a memory stick with you, please ask the INT Front Desk to lend you one. 

Printing from USB: Insert flash drive into the USB port on the left side of the console. Choose "Printing". Choose to "Print for Memory Storage Device". Please choose to print 2-sided (unless necessary), then press Start button. Do not remove stick until printing is complete. 

Scanning to USB: Insert flash drive in USB port on the left side of the console. Load document into the feeder tray or place on glass. Choose "Scanning". Press Start button. Do not remove stick until message states that it is safe to remove. The default file name is the date [year, month, day, time].

Getting computer help: The PACS Help Desk is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They do ask for your patience as the group serves the Physics and Astronomy departments as well as the INT.


When opening a help ticket, remember to provide as much of the following as possible:

Your Full Name, Your Location (Office Number / Lab) Contact Info (Email and Phone) Your Computer Name (if you know it) Description of the Problem If you are using a Linux desktop computer, please try rebooting before seeking help. If the computer appears to be stuck and you can't use the curser: will switch from the graphics display manager to the computer console. will then start the reboot.

If this fails, please do not shut the computer down or unplug anything.                                                                                                                                


Incoming: Mail delivery is once a day in the Physics mail room on the ground floor. Staff may bring it upstairs anytime between then and noon.

Note: If you are expecting something by mail, please let the staff know so they can watch for it.

Outgoing: The INT will pay for outgoing mail associated with your INT-related research activities during your stay at the University of Washington. Ask staff for a bar code for your research-related outgoing mail. The INT does not pay postage for mail unrelated to your physics activities. Both this mail and stamped personal mail may be left in the box on the front desk in C411. To be sure it makes the downstairs pickup, it should be in the box by 8:00 am or by 4:45 pm the previous day to be absolutely safe. You may buy stamps, etc. at the US Post Office at University Way NE & NE 43rd Street

Mailing Address: Your name, c/o Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington, Physics/Astronomy Building, Box 351550, Seattle, WA 98195-1550.

Express Mail Address: Your name, c/o Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington, Room C411 Physics/Astronomy Bldg., Seattle, WA 98195-1550


Office Phones

To make local calls from the INT, dial "9" plus the area code, even if it is in Seattle (206). For U.S. long distance, add a "1" before the area code. For international calls, please check with the INT staff.

Accessing Voicemail on your office phone


  • Please don't change your voicemail password unless you change it back before you leave - if you forget, the next visitor will be unable to use the voicemail!
  • If you haven't changed the password, please don't forget to delete your personal messages.