Workshop Overview

INT Workshop INT-21r-1a

Topological Phases of Matter: From Low to High Energy


Aleksey Cherman

University of Minnesota

Lukasz Fidkowski

University of Washington

Srimoyee Sen

Iowa State University

Igor Shovkovy

Arizona State University
Diversity Coordinator

Aleksey Cherman

University of Minnesota
Program Coordinator

Paris Nguyen

Institute for Nuclear Theory

Note to applicants: This is an in-person workshop. There is no virtual/online option for this event at this time. Please be aware that all participants must show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 upon arrival to the INT.

Disclaimer: Please also be aware that due to ongoing concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop may be cancelled.


This workshop aims to bring together a group of particle theorists, nuclear theorists, and condensed matter theorists to discuss recent developments on the study of matter beyond the Landau paradigm, such as topological phases of various sorts.  The study of these states of matter has transformed our understanding of phase transitions and brought together insights from different subfields of physics. These developments have applications in several areas of research in high energy, nuclear, and condensed matter physics including large N gauge theories, the QCD phase diagram, lattice field theory and topological quantum computing.  

Our goal is to have an in-person meeting with a few talks each day,  and plenty of time for informal intensive discussion.


There will be a $65 registration fee to attend this workshop in-person. The registration fee includes participation in the workshop, lectures, and coffee breaks.