Mapping Parton Distributions of Hadrons with Lattice QCD

S@INT Seminar

The strong force which binds hadrons is described by the theory of quantum chromodynamics (QCD). 
Determining the character and manifestations of QCD is one of the most important and challenging 
outstanding issues necessary for a comprehensive understanding of the structure of hadrons.  
Within the context of the QCD parton picture, the parton distribution functions (PDFs) have been 
remarkably successful in describing a wide variety of processes. However, these PDFs have generally 
been confined to the description of collinear partons within the hadron. New experiments and facilities 
provide the opportunity to additionally explore the three-dimensional structure of hadrons, which can 
be described by generalized parton distributions (GPDs) for example. 

In recent years, a breakthrough was made in calculating the Bjorken‐x dependence of PDFs in lattice 
QCD by using large‐momentum effective theory (LaMET) and other similar frameworks. The breakthrough 
has led to the emergence and rapid development of direct calculations of how structure depends on 
Bjorken-x. In this talk, I will show some of the recent progress made in lattice QCD and discuss future challenges. 

The speaker for this event will lead the meeting remotely. All interested graduate students and faculty are invited to attend by convening in the INT Seminar Room (C-421).

Participants are also welcome to join via Zoom. Zoom link will be available via announcement email, or by contacting: yfuji[at] or prau[at]

Huey-Wen Lin
Michigan State University
INT Seminar Room (C421)
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