Exploring the phase diagram of hot Quantum Chromodynamics

S@INT Seminar

A primary focus of current heavy-ion research at several accelerator facilities is the study of QCD matter under extreme conditions. I will discuss recent progress involving investigations spanning a broad range of systems and beam collision energies to; (I) develop a comprehensive understanding of reaction dynamics, (II) chart the phase structure of the QCD phase diagram, and (III) delineate the thermodynamic, topological, and transport properties of the respective QCD phases. These studies emphasize the synergistic data sets obtained at the LHC and the comprehensive RHIC data sets for different beam energies and collision systems to explore a broad domain of the (T, \mu_{B})-plane of the QCD phase diagram.

Zoom link will be available via announcement email, or by contacting: ikolbe[at]uw.edu

Roy Lacey
Stony Brook University