Workshop Overview

INT Workshop INT-25-91W

Baryon Number Violation: From Nuclear Matrix Elements to BSM Physics


Leah Broussard

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Andreas Crivellin

Paul Scherrer Institute

Martin Hoferichter

University of Bern

Sergey Syritsyn

Stony Brook University
Diversity Coordinator

Sergey Syritsyn

Stony Brook University
Program Coordinator

Paris Nguyen

Institute for Nuclear Theory

Note: This is an in-person workshop.

Baryon number violation is required to generate the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe as one of the Sakharov conditions, but has never been experimentally observed. This question is a high priority to address for both high-energy-physics and nuclear-physics communities, given that the associated probes (proton decay, neutron-antineutron oscillations) require unique and interdisciplinary experimental approaches and allow one to test the Standard Model at very high scales of 10^15 GeV and beyond.

The key goal of the workshop is to bring together experts from experiment, effective field theory, lattice QCD, and high-energy physics (including beyond-the-Standard-Model physics) to develop strategies to extract the maximum amount of information on the New Physics landscape from current and future experiments testing baryon number violation. In particular, the objective is to constrain Wilson coefficients in Standard Model effective field theory, including renormalization group corrections, and, crucially, robust uncertainty quantification from nuclear matrix elements, and to evaluate the impact on theories beyond the Standard Model such as Grand Unified Theories.