Workshop Overview

INT Workshop INT-24-90W

Discovering Continuous GW with Nuclear, Astro and Particle Physics


Masha Baryakhtar

University of Washington

Charles Horowitz

Indiana University

Cole Miller

University of Maryland

M. Alessandra Papa

Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
Diversity Coordinator

M. Alessandra Papa

Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
Program Coordinator

Megan Baunsgard

Institute for Nuclear Theory

Note: This is an in-person workshop.

The opening of the gravitational wave sky is an historic time.  LIGO has detected transient signals from merging black holes and neutron stars.  This workshop aims to detect continuous gravitational wave signals from rotating neutron stars or new physics.

We invite experts from nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics, and gravitational physics communities to come to Seattle to tackle the many open questions. We hope to:

1) Introduce GW, astrophysics, and nuclear physics communities to each other’s approaches to neutron stars.

2) Inspire better nuclear physics informed models of continuous GW sources from rotating neutron stars.

3) Explore GW signals of dark matter and new physics: what are the distinctive signal properties and what work remains to make sure we fully characterize them? How do we confirm that a detection is a signal of new physics?

4) Identify promising emission mechanisms, neutron star populations, and likely signal properties that will help enable the discovery of continuous gravitational waves.

5) Write a white paper presenting the continuous GW science case for next generation Cosmic Explorer and Einstein Telescope observatories.