Program Overview

INT Program INT-21-2a

INT Summer School on Problem Solving in Lattice QCD


Maxwell T. Hansen

University of Edinburgh

Etsuko Itou


Huey-Wen Lin

Michigan State University

Konstantinos Orginos

The College of William & Mary


The aim of this school is to introduce students to applications of lattice gauge theory in strongly interacting systems, using a modern teaching style to enhance student learning together with lectures describing the latest advances in the field.

School Topics

Topics covered by this school will include: Introduction to Lattice QCD, High-Performance Computing, Hadron Spectroscopy and Resonances, Flavor Physics, Structure of Hadrons, Nuclear Physics on the Lattice, Nonzero Temperature and Density QCD, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing and Simulation.


The traditional lecture style, where students sit as an audience listening to lecturers derive everything for them, has been proven to be inefficient for learning a topic in depth. Universities are increasingly transforming their STEM-education methodology, creating classes that focus on developing students’ problem-solving skills in specific subjects. Flipped and studio classrooms are becoming standard settings for introductory-level STEM courses, and universities are also revising major courses in modern teaching styles.

This summer school for lattice QCD incorporates these modern teaching techniques with enhanced learning outcomes. We will hold a series of courses that focus on pre-class learning and in-class activities and problem solving to teach participants to apply their new knowledge to physics problems. Lecturers are encouraged to use a few representative calculations of key quantities in QCD and recently published research data to provide a learning experience that will jump-start young researchers in their new research directions.

Due to COVID, the school will be online via Zoom, and will host live sessions for no more than half of each school day.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The summer school is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The school will adopt the Code of Conduct from the Lattice Conference, as well as additional rules to make everyone welcome in this learning environment. More details will be provided in the school package when students are admitted to the school.


The school application is now open. The application deadline is April 30th, 11:59 PM EDT. Successful applicants will receive notification before May 17.


Please email the lead organizer Huey-Wen Lin at