Program Overview

INT Program INT-22-1

Machine Learning for Nuclear Theory


Gaute Hagen

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Nobuo Sato

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

Phiala Shanahan

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Diversity Coordinator

Gaute Hagen

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Program Coordinator

Megan Baunsgard

(206) 685-4286

Note to applicants: This is an in-person program. There is no virtual/online option for this event at this time. Please be aware that all participants must show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 upon arrival to the INT.

Disclaimer: Please also be aware that due to ongoing concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the program may be cancelled, with the exception of the workshop week being changed to an online-only event.

Over the last decade there has been significant development in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with supervised and unsupervised computational learning tools now used routinely in scientific applications. Building on this progress, the focus of this program is on the use and future impacts of machine learning in nuclear theory, bringing together researchers with focuses in lattice QCD and statistical systems, hadron and nuclear structure, many-body theory, quantum computing, nuclear astrophysics, and hot and dense matter, to explore common interests in machine learning tools and applications.

The week-long embedded workshop is targeted at the exploration of connections to researchers and ideas from related fields including those outside nuclear theory and in the connection to experimental programs such as JLab, RHIC, FRIB and the future EIC, as well as discussion of common themes in scientific machine learning including uncertainty quantification, robustness, and the inclusion of physical constraints, and at discussion of the progress required for machine learning for nuclear theory to best utilise state of the art computational resources and exascale computing capabilities.


Week 1 - Embedded Workshop

Week 2 - Program

Week 3 - Program

Week 4 - Program


Embedded workshop scheduled to take place March 28 – April 1, 2022