INT 23-85W Highlights

  INT 22-85W Highlights Report

Interplay of Nuclear, Neutrino

and BSM Physics at Low-Energies

April 17 - 21, 2023

B. Dutta, J. Newstead, V. Pandey


22-84W Highlights Fig. 1

The aim of this workshop was to advance efforts to identify and characterize the interplay between nuclear, neutrino, and beyond the standard model (BSM) physics signatures at the tens of MeV scale. We brought together experts from the nuclear, neutrino, and BSM community, both theorists and experimentalists who have the common goal of understanding these interactions. Of particular interest at the workshop was the topic of theoretical uncertainties in predictions for standard model neutrino cross sections. This includes how to estimate them, how to reduce them, and what are the desired benchmarks that the community requires for future experiments.


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