INT 20r-1c Highlights

  INT 20r-1c Highlights Report

Chirality and Criticality: Novel Phenomena in Heavy-Ion Collisions

August 21 - 25, 2023

J. Liao, M. Stephanov, Z. Xu, H. Yee
20r-1c Highlights Fig. 1

The week-long workshop provided the QCD and relativistic heavy-ion collision community a valuable opportunity to evaluate the current status and to discuss recent developments in the search for the critical point in the QCD phase diagram and the measurement of a charge separation induced by topological fluctuations of the QCD plasma. The balanced scientific program between theory and experiment with ample time allocated for discussions stimulated focused and fruitful interactions between diverse international participants in all stages of career. As we anticipate the outcome of the analysis of the BESII experiment for the search of the QCD critical point, and the more precise measurements of a charge separation induced by topological transitions in QCD are planned in the upcoming run of RHIC in BNL, the workshop was timely stepping stone to confront the exciting forthcoming experimental results.


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