News and Announcements


Volodymyr will receive the IUPAP Commission of Nuclear Physics Young Investigator Prize. 

The prize will be awarded in-person in Cape Town, South Africa during the International Nuclear Physics Conference which is set to take place Sept. 10-16, 2022.

The INT website has a new look!

The INT has a new website! Though things may look a bit different, the majority of the content remains the same. We encourage you to explore the new website and give feedback on the things you like (or dislike)!

Please note that is the home of our new website. If you have any bookmarks saved from the old website (powered by Google Sites), we recommend that you remove those bookmarks and replace them with the appropriate page on our new website.

Please note that some links to older content may not work as we transition to this new website.

If you have any questions or comments about the website, or if you want to know how to find content from the old website, please email us at

Proposing Events

We are now accepting proposals for future INT events! Please review our "Proposing Events to the INT" page and then follow the instructions to submit your proposal via the INT Proposal form (powered by Google Forms).

The next NAC meeting will be held on August 4-5, 2022; proposals should be submitted by Friday, July 1, 2022 for consideration at that meeting.

2022 UW Awards of Excellence

David will receive the University Faculty Lecture Award as part of the 52nd annual UW Awards of Excellence ceremony in June.

This year’s Awards of Excellence recipients are being recognized for achievements in teaching, mentoring, public service and staff support. 

The winners will be honored from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. on June 9 at the Meany Hall for Performing Arts. The UW community and the general public are welcome to attend. 

David Kaplan

David is being recognized for multiple foundational innovations in nuclear theory, including in lattice quantum chromodynamics, effective field theories, and nuclear strangeness, and for strategic leadership to broaden participation between nuclear theory and other fields.