Friends of the INT

Coffee, tea, cookies, and other snacks help make the INT a fun place to work and collaborate. The funds for these items cannot be taken from either DOE or UW contributions to the INT operations budget; instead they are funded by individual tax-deductible donations to the Friends of the INT fund. If you would like to donate money to this fund, we would be greatly appreciative. 


You can make a secure online donation by credit card. Please be sure to:

  • on the web page that pops up, select the button labeled "ADD", located to the right of "Friends of Institute for Nuclear Theory Fund";
  • select either "GIVE ONCE" or "GIVE MONTHLY";
  • select or enter the dollar amount you wish to donate;
  • click "ADD TO BASKET", then follow the checkout instructions to enter your payment information.


UW personnel have the option to pay via payroll deduction by visiting the My UW Giving website.

For payroll deduction, please be sure to:

  • sign in with your UW credentials;
  • select the button labeled "Add Payroll Pledge", located to the right of "My Giving";
  • below the "Select a Fund to Support" title, enter "Friends of Institute for Nuclear Theory Fund" in the search box and click the support button; 
  • enter the dollar amount you wish to donate per paycheck and select the duration you wish to donate for;
  • select the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the pop-up menu.


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