21-1a Highlights


 INT 21-1a Highlights Report

Topological Phases of Matter: From Low to High Energy

March 1 - 19, 2021

A. Cherman, L. Fidkowski, S. Sen, I. Shovkovy


21-1a Figure 1


Conventionally, many-body quantum systems are understood by mapping out their phase structure and phase transitions. However, some phase transitions do not fit into the 20th-century Landau paradigm. The INT workshop `Topological phases of matter: from low to high energy' was aimed at exploring quantum phase transitions beyond the Landau paradigm. The program hosted talks reexamining the phase structure of QCD from the perspective of topological phases, along with talks highlighting a variety of interconnected developments in condensed matter physics and particle physics, covering topics such as generalized global symmetries, fracton field theories, and symmetry-protected topological phases, along with some talks on experimental developments.


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