20-78W Highlights

 INT 20-78W Highlights Report

Renormalization Group Approaches to the Many-Body Problem

November 16 - 20, 2020

S. Bogner, H. Hergert, R. Stroberg
20-78W Figure 1
Modern developments in nuclear theory, condensed matter theory, and quantum chemistry rely on a diverse range of renormalization group (RG) methods. The workshop “Renormalization Group Approaches to the Many-Body Problem” brought together practitioners of different RG techniques that are used to treat a range of challenging many-body problems in nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, and quantum chemistry, in order to communicate the current state of the art and limitations for these different methods across the sub-disciplines, to stimulate the exchange of theoretical and computational techniques, and to identify possible topics for cross-disciplinary collaboration. The participants identified several promising ideas and initiated efforts to explore them in the near future.


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