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What's happening at the INT:

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  INT News

   :: The CalLat Collaboration which includes INT Research Associate Chris Monahan and several former graduate students of the UW Dept. of Physics, have
      calculated the axial charge of the nucleon with an unprecedented one-percent precision in a study published in Nature.    Read more...
   :: David Kaplan, INT Senior Fellow, brings The Creative Mind exhibit to the physics-astronomy building.
   :: Natalie Klco (INT PhD Student) has received a prestigious Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship for 2018 to support her research in quantum
      computing for quantum many-body systems and quantum field theory.

      UW Perspectives Newsletter featured an article about Natalie and her work in its March 2018 edition.
   :: Michael Wagman (INT PhD 2017) has been awarded a Papparaldo Fellowship at MIT starting Fall 2017.
   :: The APS featured a synopsis of a recent paper by INT Research Assistant Professor Martin Hoferichter.
   :: Map of where our RAPs, postdocs and grad students are now.
   :: INT introduces a Wiki for program attendees to share information on childcare in Seattle - please contact INT staff for the password.

  Other News

   :: Brad Sherrill has been awarded the 2018 APS Bonner Prize.
   :: Edward Shuryak has been awarded the 2018 APS Feshbach Prize.
   :: Upcoming Conferences


Talks that appear in the proceedings of workshops and programs on the INT website are those given by speakers at these meetings. The choice to present such talks is at the discretion of the organizers of such meetings. There is no endorsement of the claims made in such talks, implicit or explicit, by the organizers of the workshops and programs or by the management of the INT.
Recent Activity at INT:

Nuclear ab initio Theories and Neutrino Physics (INT-18-1a)
(INT Program February 26 - March 30, 2018)

Reported by C. Barbieri, O. Benhar, A. Galindo-Uribarri, A. Lovato, J. Menéndez
Reported on July 2, 2018
Ab initio nuclear theory have reached the degree of maturity to describe the structure and electroweak interactions of atomic nuclei. This paves the way to quantitative predictions on the interaction of neutrinos with nuclei, which span broad energy and momentum regimes. This is a required input for a quantitative study of fundamental symmetries and astrophysical processes. Read more...

Multi-Scale Problems Using Effective Field Theories (INT-18-1b)
(INT Program May 7 - June 1, 2018)

Reported by E. Braaten, N. Brambilla, T. Schäfer, A. Vairo
Reported on June 19, 2018
Many contemporary open problems at the frontiers of nuclear and particle physics are characterized by the existence of a separation of scales that can be exploited using effective field theories (EFTs). The EFT method treats the low energy degrees of freedom as dynamical fields, and takes into account higher-energy scales systematically through matching conditions. Read more...

Astro-Solids, Dense Matter, and Gravitational Waves (INT-18-71W)
(INT Workshop April 16 - 20, 2018)

Reported by N. Andersson, C. Horowitz, M. Alessandra Papa
Reported on May 7, 2018
At the dawn of gravitational-wave astronomy, there is renewed focus on the range of astrophysical sources and the information that can be extracted from observations. This one-week workshop motivated new theoretical work on continuous gravitational-wave sources and improved the communication between nuclear physicists, gravitational-wave experts, and astrophysicists working on dense matter and compact objects. Read more...

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