High Performance Computing is an essential tool used in modern-day research. Precision simulations of complex systems and the analysis of large data sets require large-scale computational facilities and a knowledgable workforce. To serve the needs of researchers, the UW operates a centralized eco-system of HPC resources, including capacity computing hardware embedded in a fast interconnect fabric, long-term data storage systems, high-speed interconnect to outside the UW and a small number of HPC-experts. The Hyak Governance Board (HGB) is responsible for identifying the HPC-resource needs of researchers at the UW (hardware, software and workforce), estimating the resources required to meet those needs, and providing advice to the leadership of the UW about how best to proceed. Living in Seattle, one of the tech capitals of the world, UW researchers and students should have access to the cutting-edge computational resources as they become available, and the Hyak Governance Board is striving to make this a reality.

UW-IT continues to phase in the mid-scale capacity computing, storage and interconnect resources that are heavily used by researchers with all levels of experience, novices through to experts, to tackle challenges requiring modest but uncommon and extreme computing environments. The educational environment provided to students through access to these resources is unique in Washington State.

Hyak and Lolo are currently used by more than 60 UW research groups, and since 2010 has contributed to more than 40 successful grant applications which have provided more than 33 million dollars in research funding. In addition, it has been instrumental in retaining more than 20 faculty members. More details on the impact of Hyak and Lolo on UW research can be found here.


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