INT Workshop 13-53W

Nuclear Reactions from Lattice QCD

March 11-12, 2013


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Date Speaker Powerpoint or .pdf Video
March 11, 2013 P. Navratil "Ab initio many-body calculations of nuclear scattering and reactions" Video
March 11, 2013 Z. Davoudi "Three-particle scattering amplitudes from a finite volume formalism" Video
March 11, 2013 M. Hansen "Towards a relativistic, model-independent relation between the finite-volume spectrum and three-particle scattering amplitudes" Video
March 12, 2013 D. Lee "Progress towards nuclear scattering and reactions on the Lattice" Video
March 12, 2013 G. Rupak "Radiative Capture Reactions in Lattice Effective Field Theory" Video
March 12, 2013 R. Briceño "Nuclear Physics in a box" Video
March 12, 2013 S. Aoki "Extensions of the HAL QCD approach to inelastic and multi-particle scatterings in lattice QCD" Video
March 12, 2013 A. Schwenk "Lattice QCD input for nuclear structure" Video
March 12, 2013 M. Savage "Nuclear Reactions from Lattice QCD" Video

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