INT Program 12-2a

Core-Collapse Supernovae: Models and Observable Signals

June 25 - July 27, 2012


Date Speaker Powerpoint or .pdf Video
June 26, 2012 S. Van Dyk "Core-Collapse SN Progenitors" Video
June 27, 2012 J.M. Lattimer "Some Thoughts on the Equation of State of Dense Matter Using Nuclear Experiments, Neutron Matter Theory and Astronomical Observations" Video
June 29, 2012 A. Arcones "Nucleosynthesis in core-collapse supernovae" Video
July 2, 2012 R. Fernández "Hydrodynamics of CCSNe at the Transition to Explosion" Video
July 2, 2012 J.M. Lattimer "Symmetry Energy Parameters and How the EOS is Taking Shape" Video
July 2, 2012 S. Reddy "Neutrino opacities in dense matter: An appraisal of past and recent results" Video
July 2, 2012 A. Arcones "Nucleosynthesis in core-collapse supernovae" Video
July 2, 2012 S. Van Dyk "Direct Identification of Core-Collapse SN Progenitors" Video
July 3, 2012 C. Cardall
(E. Endeve)
"Simulations of SASI, turbulence, and magnetic field amplification" Video
July 3, 2012 A. Schwenk "Chiral effective field theory constraints for the equation of state and for supernova neutrino rates" Video
July 3, 2012 Evan O'Connor "Core-Collapse Supernova Neutrinos" Video
July 3, 2012 R. Surman "The Rare Earth Peak: an overlooked r-process diagnostic" Video
July 3, 2012 T. Foglizzo "An experimental approach to shock instability during core collapse" Video
July 4, 2012 B. Mueller "Relativistic Core-Collapse Supernova Models" Video
July 4, 2012 A. Steiner "The EOS of Dense Matter and Symmetry Energy from Neutron Star Mass and Radius Observations " Video
July 4, 2012 S. Nakamura "Neutrino Reactions on the Deuteron in Core-Collapse Supernovae" Video
July 4, 2012 F. Hanke "Is strong SASI activity the key to successful neutrino-driven supernova explosions?" Video
July 4, 2012 M. Obergaulinger "Amplification of magnetic fields in core collapse" Video
July 5, 2012 J. Murphy "Neutrino-Driven Convection and Neutrino-Driven Explosions" Video
July 5, 2012 C. Constantinou "Thermal Effects in Supernova Matter" Video
July 5, 2012 B. Balantekin "Invariants of the Collective Neutrino Oscillations in Supernovae" Video
July 5, 2012 G. Raffelt "New Developments in Collective Neutrino Oscillations in Supernovae" Video
July 5, 2012 J. Dolence "Multidimensional Hydrodynamics of Core-Collapse Supernovae" Video
July 6, 2012 S. Couch "Multidimensional CCSN Simulations with Flash" Video
July 6, 2012 Y. Suwa "Axisymmetric simulations of core-collapse supernovae with spectral neutrino transfer" Video
July 6, 2012 P. Banerjee "Neutrino-Driven Nucleosynthesis in Metal-Poor Stars" Video
July 6, 2012 I. Tamborra "Diffuse Supernova Neutrinos" Video
July 6, 2012 M. Hempel "New equations of state in simulations of core-collapse supernovae" Video
July 9, 2012 C. Fryer "Probing Explosion Asymmetries with NuSTAR" Video
July 10, 2012 G. Shen "Microphysics for SN: Nuclear Equation of State, Neutrino Opacity with Medium Correction" Video
July 11, 2012 Y. Lim "Finite Range Force models for EOS" Video
July 12, 2012 L. Hüdepohl "Neutrino Oscillation Studies in Core-Collapse Supernovae" Video
July 16, 2012 S. Van Dyk "Direct Identification of Core-Collapse SN Progenitors" Video
July 16, 2012 K. Nomoto "Type IIb SN 2011dh" Video
July 16, 2012 Z. Jennings "Core-Collapse Supernova Progenitors from Stellar Population Synthesis" Video
July 16, 2012 D. Arnett "Multi-dimensional Progenitors of Core Collapse Supernovae" Video
July 16, 2012 E. Pian "GRB-Supernova observations: State of the art" Video
July 17, 2012 D. Patnaude "What Do X-ray Observations of SNRs Tell Us About the SN and its Progenitor?" Video
July 17, 2012 Y.-Z. Qian "Neutrinos, Nucleosynthesis, and Core-Collapse Supernovae" Video
July 17, 2012 G. McLaughlin "Neutrino oscillations and nucleosynthesis from supernovae and black hole accretion disks" Video
July 18, 2012 C. Ott "Studying Core-Collapse Supernova Physics with Gravitational Waves (and Neutrinos)" Video
July 18, 2012 K. Kotake "Brainstorming on core-collapse supernova theory with perspectives toward multi-messenger astronomy" Video
July 18, 2012 E. Abdikamalov "New approaches to multi-dimensional radiation transport" Video
July 18, 2012 A. Wongwathanarat "Neutrino and GW Signals from 3D Core-Collapse Simulations" Video
July 18, 2012 J. Schaffner-Bielich "Signals of the QCD Phase Transition in Compact Stars" Video
July 19, 2012 H.-T. Janka "Theoretical Supernova Modeling: Exploring the Progenitor-Explosion-Remnant Connection by Neutrino-Driven Explosion Models" Video
July 19, 2012 P. Mazzali "Type lb/c Supernovae and GRBS" Video
July 19, 2012 M. Tanaka "3D Geometry of Supernova: Spectropolarimetric Observations" Video
July 19, 2012 S. Yen "Helium and Lead Observatory for supernova neutrinos" Video
July 19, 2012 D. Cline "Observation of flavor swap process in supernova II neutrino spectra" Video
July 20, 2012 C. Lunardini "Diffuse SN Neutrino Background (DSNB)" Video
July 20, 2012 B. Riedel "Supernova Neutrino Detection with IceCube - Overview and Outlook" Video
July 20, 2012 T. Lund "Traveling through turbulence" Video
July 23, 2012 T. Lund "Neutrino Signatures of Supernova SASI" Video
July 23, 2012 R. Bruijn "A novel method for supernova detection in IceCube and beyond Video
July 24, 2012 W. Haxton "Dark Matter and Neutrino Responses: Effective Theory Response Functions" Video
July 25, 2012 C. Horowitz "Multi-messenger observations of neutron rich matter" Video
July 26, 2012 C. Ott "Inferring Core-Collapse Supernova Physics from Gravitational-Wave Observations" Video
July 27, 2012 T. Foglizzo "Hydrodynamic instabilities" Video

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