INT Workshop 10-45W

New applications of the renormalization group
method in nuclear, particle and condensed matter physics

February 22 - 26, 2010


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February 22, 2010 T. DeGrand "Introduction to recent RG studies for QCD - and beyond"
February 22, 2010 A. Hasenfratz "Conformal or Walking? Monte Carlo Renormalization Group studies of technicolor-inpired models"
February 22, 2010 D. Kaplan "Conformality Lost"
February 22, 2010 Y. Meurice "Complex Zeros of the β function, Confinement and Discrete Scaling"
February 22, 2010 H. Zou "Fisher zeros and singularities of the gap equation for nonlinear O(N) sigma models at finite volume"
February 23, 2010 S. Moroz "Inverse square potential, scale anomaly, and complex extension"
February 23, 2010 R. Perry "The Similarity Renormalization Group (SRG)"
February 23, 2010 R. Furnstahl "Similarity RG and Many-Body Operators"
February 23, 2010 A. Schwenk "RG for nuclear forces and nuclear structure"
February 24, 2010 M-C. Bañuls "Tensor Network States: ground states and time evolution of spin systems"
February 24, 2010 J-P. Blaizot "Solutions of RG flow equations with full momentum dependence"
February 24, 2010 H. Sonoda "The Wilson-Fisher Fixed Point via ERG"
February 24, 2010 Y. Liu "Numerical Instabilities Associated with Block Spinning Non-Integer Numbers of Sites"
February 24, 2010 N. Goldenfeld "The Renormalization Group Far from Equilibrium: Singular Perturbations, Pattern Formation and Hydrodynamics"
February 25, 2010 P. de Forcrand "Nuclear physics from lattice QCD at strong coupling"
February 25, 2010 J. Pawlowski "The QCD phase diagram with RG methods"
February 25, 2010 T. Tomboulis "RG study of IR structure in gauge theories - Confinement and IR fixed points"
February 25, 2010 M. Ogilvie "Confinement Lost, and Regained"
February 25, 2010 H. Nishimura "PNJL Model and QCD Phase Transitions"
February 25, 2010 K. Schwenzer "The Infrared Fixed Points of QCD and their Physics"
February 26, 2010 S-W. Tsai "Effects of retardation in the renormalization group for fermions"
February 26, 2010 M. Scherer "Towards a quantitative FRG approach for the BCS-BEC crossover"
February 26, 2010 C. Husemann "Channel-decomposed one-loop RG for the 2D Hubbard model"

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