INT Program 09-1

Effective Field Theories and the Many-Body Problem

March 23 - June 5, 2009


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March 23, 2009 Organizers "Overview and Goals of the Program"
March 23, 2009 B. van Kolck "EFT for MBT"
March 23, 2009 C. Johnson "Introduction: Knowns and Unknowns in Many-Body Theory"
March 23, 2009 R. Furnstahl "Density Functional Theory for Nuclei - What about EFT?"
March 24, 2009 S. Quaglioni "Towards a Fundamental Understanding of Light Nuclei and Their Low-Energy Reactions"
March 25, 2009 J. Drut "EFT for graphene's many-body problem"
March 26, 2009 V. Gueorgiev "The new world out there: beyond the two-body interactions in many-body systems"
March 27, 2009 R. Roth "Ab-Initio Nuclear Structure beyond the p-Shell: Interactions & Many-Body Techniques"
March 30, 2009 H. W. Hammer "Universality in QCD and Halo Nuclei"
March 31, 2009 E. Jurgenson "Similarity Renormalization Group and Evolution of Many-Body Forces"
April 1, 2009 K.D. Sviratcheva "Role of Symmetries in Similarity Renormalization Group Transformations of Two-nucleon Interactions"
April 2, 2009 A. Bulgac "The static and dynamic extension of DFT to superfluid fermionic systems"
April 3, 2009 D. Gazit "Pragmatic lessons from ChiPT on low-energy weak currents in nuclei"
April 6, 2009 A. Schwenk "Three-nucleon forces and neutron-rich nuclei"
April 7, 2009 G. Hagen "Ab-initio coupled-cluster theory for nuclei"
April 8, 2009 P. Navratil "From EFT interactions to a unified ab initio description of light nuclei"
April 9, 2009 K. Hebeler "Nuclear matter and pairing in finite nuclei from low-momentum interactions"
April 10, 2009 T. Lesinski "Non-empirical pairing functional and first-order contribution to pairing in finite nuclei"
April 13, 2009 M. Stoitsov "Towards a Universal Nuclear Energy Density Functional"
April 14, 2009 T. Duguet "Nuclear Energy Density Functional Method: How to account (safely) for correlations in ground and excited states of heavy nuclei?"
April 15, 2009 C. Forssen "Large-scale shell model study of the A=12 isobar using chiral interactions"
April 16, 2009 B. Gebremariam "New Developments in the Density Matrix Expansion and application to chiral EFT"
April 17, 2009 M. Kortelainen "Extended EDF with Density-Dependent Coupling Constraints"
April 20, 2009 M. Birse "Renormalising Nuclear Forces"
April 21, 2009 H. Lenske "Field Theoretical Approach to Density Functional Theory and Relativistic Fermi-Liquid Theory"
April 22, 2009 B. Carlson "Dirac-Brueckner mean fields and an effective density-dependent Dirac-Hartree-Fock interaction in nuclear matter"
April 23, 2009 M. Hjorth-Jensen "Effective interactions and convergence criteria for configuration interaction methods"
April 24, 2009 B. Long "Pion-nucleon scattering in the delta-isobar region"
April 27, 2009 B. Barrett "Ab Initio Shell Model with a Core: Extending the NCSM to Heavier Nuclei"
April 28, 2009 F. Pederiva "A Diffusion Monte Carlo implementation of EFT"
April 29, 2009 S. Kohler "Three-Body Problem; Low Momentum Interactions and Off-shell Effects"
April 30, 2009 H. Hergert "Ab-Initio Calculations across the Nuclear Chart: Interactions and Methods"
May 1, 2009 N. Sandulescu "Spatial correlations induced by pairing in atomic nuclei"
May 4, 2009 J. Kirscher "Universal Correlations in Pion-Less EFT with the Resonating Group Model"
May 5, 2009 S. Pastore "Electromagnetic two-body currents of one- and two-pion range"
May 6, 2009 R. Wiringa "Nuclear Quantum Monte Carlo"
May 7, 2009 D. Lee "Lattice effective field theory for few- and many-body nuclear physics"
May 11, 2009 J. Vary "ab initio No Core Nuclear Structure: Progress and Plans"
May 12, 2009 S. Bogner "In-medium similarity renormalization group for nuclei and nuclear matter"
May 13, 2009 J. Holt "Three-Nucleon Forces for Nuclear Structure in Medium-Mass Nuclei"
May 15, 2009 J. Sheikh "Symmetry Projection in Density Functional Theory"
May 18, 2009 T. Papenbrock "Coupled-cluster theory for medium-mass nuclei: Tentative solution of the center-of-mass problem"
May 19, 2009 C. Elster "Can EFT help p+A scattering"
May 20, 2009 S. Bacca "Halo Nuclei in the Helium Isotope Chain"
May 21, 2009 R. Higa "Nuclear clusters in Halo EFT"
May 22, 2009 S. Dhiman "Structure Properties of Hypernuclei with Skyrme force based Energy Density Functional"
May 26, 2009 R. Machleidt "The missing three-nucleon forces: Where are they?"
May 27, 2009 P-H. Heenen "Beyond mean-field methods: success and problems"
May 28, 2009 A. Afanasjev "Understanding time-odd mean fields in covariant density functional theories"
May 29, 2009 D. Vretenar "Relativistic Energy Density Functionals: Beyond the mean-field approximation"
June 1, 2009 L. Dieperink "An extended liquid drop approach. Symmetry energy and neutron skin"
June 2, 2009 A. Samana "Neutrino-nucleus cross section in RPA models"
June 3, 2009 I. Stetcu "EFT for the (NC)SM practitioner"
June 4, 2009 M. Savage "A First Look at Three Baryon Systems with Lattice QCD"
June 5, 2009 D. Kaplan "Some recent work on EFT"

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