The Fourth Argonne/INT/MSU/JINA RIA Theory Workshop on
Rare Isotopes and Fundamental Symmetries
September 19 - 22, 2007


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September 19, 2007 V. Flambaum "Violations of Parity and Time Reversal in Atoms and Molecules"
September 19, 2007 K. Blaum "High-precision Penning trap experiments for fundamental studies"
September 19, 2007 K. Jungmann "Experiments Searching for New Interactions in Nuclear Beta-Decay"
September 19, 2007 P. Vetter "The Beta Neutrino Correlation in Sodium-21"
September 19, 2007 J. Behr "Decay Correlations with Atom Traps: Techniques and Possibilities"
September 19, 2007 A. Brown "Progress in CI and EDF Calculations for Nuclear Wavefunctions Related to Fundamental Symmetries"
September 19, 2007 J. Engel "Nuclear Structure Physics and Schiff Moments"
September 20, 2007 J. Hardy "Superallowed Nuclear Beta Decay: Recent results and their impact on Vud"
September 20, 2007 I. Towner "Radiative and Isospin-Symmetry Breaking Corrections in Superallowed Beta Decay"
September 20, 2007 D. Pinegar "Precise measurement of the H-3 to He-3 mass difference"
September 20, 2007 A. Garcia "Electron-neutrino correlation and Isospin breaking in O+→O+ decay of 32Ar (and Vud from neutron decay)"
September 20, 2007 W. Haxton "Nuclear Constraints on the Weak NN Potential"
September 20, 2007 M. Safronova "Atomic PNC Theory: Current status and future prospects"
September 20, 2007 B. Desplanques "Parity-Violating Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions: What can we learn from nuclear anapole moments?"
September 20, 2007 L. Orozco "Proposed experiment for the anapole measurement in francium"
September 21, 2007 T. Chupp "Radon EDM Experiment"
September 21, 2007 C. Horowitz "Parity Radius Experiment and Neutron Densities"
September 21, 2007 N. Auerbach "Nuclear Structure Aspects of Schiff Moments"
September 21, 2007 V. Zelevinsky "Search for the Collective Enhancement of Nuclear Schiff Moment"
September 21, 2007 D. Budker "Preliminary investigations into a possibility of a sensitive search for a Schiff moment of 207Pb in a ferroelectric solid"
September 21, 2007 K. Jungmann "New Possibilities to Search for Permanent Electric Dipole Moments in Atoms and Nuclei"
September 21, 2007 D. Budker "Status of the atomic parity-violation experiment with Ytterbium"
September 21, 2007 C-P. Liu "The Interpretation of Atomic Electric Dipole Moments: the Schiff Theorem and its Corrections"
September 22, 2007 K. Minamisono "Possibilities with collinear laser-polarized atoms at NSCL"
September 22, 2007 M. Pospelov "Environmental Dependence of Masses and Coupling Constants"

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