INT Program 06-3

From RHIC to LHC: Achievements and Opportunities V

September 25 - December 8, 2006


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September 25, 2006 U. Heinz "Fast Thermalization and Almost Perfect Liquidity of the QGP at RHIC-Fact or Fiction?"
September 25, 2006 N. Xu "Search for Partonic Equation of State in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions"
September 25, 2006 P. Romatschke "Viscous Hydrodynamics and RHIC"
September 25, 2006 D. Molnar "Dissipation and Heavy-Ion Collisions"
September 25, 2006 K. Tamosiunas "Stability of the Freeze-Out Process in Quark-Gluon Plasma Evolution"
September 26, 2006 S. Mrowczynski "Scenario of Instabilities Driven Equilibration of the Quark-Gluon Plasma"
September 26, 2006 M. Strickland "Simulating the Dynamics of Non-Equilbrium Glue"
September 26, 2006 D. Bodeker "Instabilities in Strongly Anisotropic QCD Plasmas"
September 26, 2006 G. Moore "Dependence of Plasma Instabilities on the Level of Anisotropy"
September 26, 2006 A. Dumitru "Vlasov-Yang-Mills Plasmas Beyond HL: Field Evaporation into Particles"
September 26, 2006 Y. Nara "3D Wong-Yang-Mills Simulations of Instabilities"
September 26, 2006 B. Schenke "QGP Instabilities Under the Influence of Collisions"
September 27, 2006 A. Rebhan "Weibel Instabilities in Anisotropically Expanding Quark-Gluon Plasma"
September 27, 2006 P. Arnold "More on Plasma Instabilities"
September 27, 2006 T. Lappi "From Color Glass to Glasma and Plasma"
September 27, 2006 C. Manuel "Chromo-Hydrodynamic Approach to the Unstable Quark-Gluon Plasma"
September 27, 2006 S. Bass "Anomalous Viscosity of an Expanding Quark-Gluon Plasma"
September 27, 2006 E. Levin "CGC and Early Thermalization"
September 28, 2006 L. Yaffe "Energy Loss of Heavy Quarks Moving Through Strongly Coupled Supersymmetric Plasma"
September 28, 2006 R. Janik "AdS/CFT Dual of Boost-Invariant Expanding Plasma"
September 28, 2006 P. Kovtun "Electromagnetic Response of Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Plasma"
September 28, 2006 I. Zahed "Aspects of sQGP"
September 28, 2006 G. Aarts "Expansion Versus Interaction: Boost-Invariant Dynamics from the 2PI Effective Action"
September 28, 2006 Y. Kovchegov "Non-Perturbative Nature of Thermalization in Heavy-Ion Collisions?"
September 29, 2006 B. Zhang "Thermalization Within a Kinetic Approach"
September 29, 2006 L. Frankfurt "New QCD Regime of Energy Losses for Leading Partons in pA and AA Collisions and RHIC dA Correlation Data"
October 2, 2006 T. Lappi "Chemical Equilibration"
October 4, 2006 K. Itakura "Color Glass Condensate and Its Relation to Statistical Physics"
October 5, 2006 C. Nonaka "Dynamics of Hot Bulk QCD Matter at RHIC"
October 9, 2006 S. Pratt "Mean-Field Distortions of HBT Correlations"
October 9, 2006 K. Paech "Chiral Dynamics"
October 11, 2006 P. Huovinen "Relativistic Hydrodynamic Flow at RHIC"
October 12, 2006 H. Song "Viscous Hydrodynamics in 1+1 and 2+1 Dimensions"
October 13, 2006 H. Fujii "Open Heavy Flavor and Quarkonium Production in pA Collision at RHIC/LHC Energies in the CGC Framework"
October 16, 2006 F. Gelis "Particle Production in Fields Theories Coupled to Strong Sources and Applications to the Color Glass"
October 17, 2006 A. Accardi "Space-Time Evolution of Hadronization"
October 18, 2006 P. Petreczky "Lattice Calculations of Quarkonium Spectral Functions"
October 19, 2006 G. Nayak "Quark-Antiquark and Gluon Pair Production from Constant Chromo-Electric Field via Schwinger Mechanism"
October 20, 2006 S. Salur "Strangeness and/or Hadronic Resonances Production in RHIC with STAR"
October 23, 2006 M. Djordjevic "Heavy Quark Energy Loss"
October 24, 2006 L. McLerran "Spectrum of Initial Rapidity Fluctuations in the Glasma"
October 25, 2006 B. Zhang "J/psi Production from Charm Coalescence"
October 26, 2006 R. Vogt "Heavy Flavor Production at RHIC and LHC"
October 27, 2006 G. Nayak "Higgs Production From Mini Black Holes at LHIC"
October 31, 2006 I. Tserruya "Some Questions for Theorists"
November 1, 2006 S. Jeon "Energy Loss and Photon Production: RHIC to LHC"
November 2, 2006 M. Strikman "Leading Twist Shadowing and Hard Diffraction"
November 3, 2006 O. Fochler "Jet Quenching and Transport Simulation of Heavy Ion Collisions"
November 6, 2006 A. Ayala "Proton to Pion Ratio at RHIC"
November 7, 2006 K. Dusling "Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Color Diffusion and Parton Energy Loss in a Classical sQGP"
November 8, 2006 J. Albacete "Heavy Quark Production in pA Collisions"
November 9, 2006 I. Balitsky "Quark Contribution to the Small-x Evolution of a Color Dipole"
November 10, 2006 S. Kumano "Recent Progress on the Determination of Nuclear Parton Distribution Functions"
November 13, 2006 M. Lublinsky "From Dense-Dilute Duality to Seld-Duality of High Energy QCD"
November 14, 2006 A. Baltz "Ultraperipheral Lepton Pairs to All Orders in Z Alpha"
November 15, 2006 L. Szymanowski "Generalizing the GPDs in Hard Processes: Transition Distribution Amplitudes"
November 16, 2006 K. Sudoh "Fragmentation Functions"
November 17, 2006 Y. Kovchegov "Triumvirate of Running Couplings in Small-x Evolution"
November 17, 2006 M. Strikman "Black Disk Effects for RHIC and LHC"
November 17, 2006 M. Strikman "The STAR Forward Pion Production in dAu Collisions and Interplay of Soft and Hard Dynamics in Production of Recoil Jets"
November 20, 2006 M. Lublinsky "One Gluon, Two Gluons: Semi-Inclusive Observables at High Energies"
November 21, 2006 A. Kovner "Hamiltonian Reggeon Field Theory"
November 29, 2006 Z. Fodor "The QCD Transition on the Lattice"
November 29, 2006 C. Schmidt "The Critical Temperature of the QCD Phase Transition from Lattice QCD"
December 1, 2006 E. Iancu "From High-Energy QCD to Statistical Physics"
December 5, 2006 R. Hwa "Correlations in Jets at RHIC"
December 5, 2006 R. Hwa "Correlations in Jets at RHIC II"
December 7, 2006 C. Scmidt "Thermodynamics of 2+1 Flavor QCD From the Lattice"

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