INT Program 06-2a

The First Stars and Evolution of the Early Universe

June 19 to July 21, 2006


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June 19, 2006 J. Cowan "Stellar Heavy Element Abundances and the Nature of the r-Process"
June 20, 2006 D. Burris "Revisiting Zirconium"
June 21, 2006 S. Glover "H3+ Cooling in Primordial Gas"
June 22, 2006 J. Taylor "CDM Structure and Structure Formation on Subgalactic Scales"
June 27, 2006 C. Fryer "The Collapse of Population III Stars"
June 27, 2006 D. Whalen "Ionization Front Simulations in 3D- Instabilities"
June 29, 2006 P. Ricker "Early Halo Formation in Cosmological N-body Simulations"
July 3, 2006 M. Norman "Simulations of First Star Formation"
July 3, 2006 S. Glover "RHD Simulations on the Radiative Feedback from First Stars"
July 3, 2006 A. Wolfe "Star Formation Efficiency in Neutral Gas at z=3"
July 3, 2006 R. Schneider "Dust and Star Formation"
July 3, 2006 R. Ellis "New Observational Constraints on Star Formation at High z"
July 3, 2006 B. O'Shea "Environment Surrounding the First Stars"
July 3, 2006 H. Susa "Environment Surrounding the First Stars"
July 3, 2006 P. Shapiro "The First H II Regions and the Beginning of Cosmic Reionization"
July 5, 2006 J. Ostriker "Population III, The First Black Holes and Re-Ionization"
July 5, 2006 A. Ferrara "Cosmic Reionization"
July 5, 2006 I. Iliev "Reionization by the First Stars and Implications for Observations"
July 5, 2006 A. Heger "Evolution and Necleosynthesis of Pop III Stars"
July 5, 2006 E. Scannapieco "Searching for the First Stars"
July 5, 2006 N. Yoshida "Formation of massive population III stars and their feedback effects"
July 5, 2006 J. Truran "Cosmic Chemical Evolution"
July 5, 2006 A. Venkatesan "Constraints from Metal-Poor Halo Stars on the Cosmological Reionization Epoch"
July 6, 2006 S. Woosley "Supernova Nucleosynthesis"
July 6, 2006 M. Liebendoerfer "Neutrinos and Supernova Nucleosynthesis"
July 6, 2006 J. Johnson "S-Process Enhanced Stars"
July 6, 2006 S. Wanajo "r-Process Nucleosynthesis"
July 6, 2006 G. Meynet "Stellar Evolution with Rotation"
July 6, 2006 S. Yoon "Gamma-Ray Bursts"
July 6, 2006 J. Vink "Stellar Winds"
July 6, 2006 T. Beers "Past and Current Surveys for Metal-Poor Stars"
July 6, 2006 F. Primas "Abundance Patterns of C to Zn in Metal-Poor Giants"
July 7, 2006 S. Lucatello "Binaries at Low Metallicity"
July 7, 2006 N. Christlieb "New Results on the Hyper-Metal-Poor Star HE0107-5240 and Future Surveys for Metal-Poor Stars"
July 7, 2006 A. Frebel "The abundance pattern of the Hyper-Metal-Poor Star HE1327-2336"
July 7, 2006 W. Aoki "Neutron-Capture Elements in Metal-Poor Stars"
July 7, 2006 Y. Qian "Diverse r-Process Sources and Abundances in Metal-Poor Field Stars and Globular Clusters"
July 7, 2006 J. Tumlinson "Chemical Evolution of the Galaxy"
July 7, 2006 L. Piau "First Stars, Lithium Plateau, Chemical Evolution of the Early Halo and Stella Modeling"
July 7, 2006 M. Pettini "Abundances in Quasar Absorption Systems"
July 7, 2006 G. Wasserburg "Enrichment of the Intergalactic Meduim and Chemical Evolution of Damped Lyman Alpha Systems"
July 10, 2006 F. Primas "New Observations of Li, Be and B"
July 17, 2006 J. Pritchard "Radiation Backgrounds From the First Sources and the Redshifted 21 cm Line"

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