INT Program 04-2

Supernovae and Gamma Ray Bursts

June 21, 2004 - August 27, 2004


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June 28, 2004 A.ud-Doula The Effects of Magnetic Fields and Field-Aligned Roation on Line-Driven Hot-Star Winds
July 1, 2004 A. Yudin Equation of state under conditions of nuclear statistical equilibrium
July 20, 2004 A. Tolstov Numerical modeling of spectra and light curves of GRB afterglows
July 23, 2004 L. Scheck Pulsar Recoil By Large-Scale Anisotropies in Supernovae
August 16, 2004 B. Balantekin Recent Developments in Neutrino Physics

Workshop: Open Issues in Understanding Core Collapse Supernovae

June 22 - 24, 2004

June 22, 2004 S. Bruenn Perspectives on the Core Collapse Supernova Mechanism
June 22, 2004 J. Blondin Capturing Stellar Core Hydrodynamic Instabilities and Flows in Core Collapse Supernova
June 22, 2004 J. Hawley Capturing Stellar Core Magnetohydrodynamic Instabilities in Core Collapse Supernova
June 22, 2004 S. Finn General Relativistic Gravity in Core Collapse Supernovae: Meeting the Model Needs
June 22, 2004 J. Wilson Convection in Proto-Neutron Star Cores
June 23, 2004 C. Fryer Current Status of THree-Dimentional Supernova Models: What Are the Gaps
June 23, 2004 D. Swesty The next-generation multidimensional supernova models: Two- and three-dimensional models with multigroup flux limited diffusion
June 23, 2004 C.Cardall The Long Term: Toward Three-Dimensional Core Collapse Supernova Models with Boltzmann Neutrino Transport, Part I
The Long Term: Toward Three-Dimensional Core Collapse Supernova Models with Boltzmann Neutrino Transport, Part II
June 23, 2004 C. Wheeler Magnetic Fields in Core Collapse Supernovae: Possibilities and Gaps
June 23, 2004 R. Thomas Toward Three-Dimensional Models of Core Collapse Supernova Spectra and Light Curves: Motivation and Challenges
June 23, 2004 J. Stone Current Equations of State, Gap Analysis, and Prospects for the Future
June 23, 2004 H. Duan Neutino Processes in STrong Magnetic Fields
June 23, 2004 A. Hungerford Gamma Ray Emissions from Asymmetric Supernovae
June 23, 2004 C. Horowitz Master in Supernovae can Cluster in Complex Ways
June 24, 2004 T. Barnes The Hardronic of Dense Nuclear Matter: Open Issues, Future Challenges, and Implication for Core Collapse Supernovae
June 24, 2004 G. Stoitcheva Shell Models of Nuclei for Stellar Core Collapse: Current Status, Future Prospects
June 24, 2004 W.R. Hix Bridging the Gap: The Implementation of State-of-the-Art Nuclear Structure Physics in Core Collapse Supernova Models
June 24, 2004 S. Reddy Neutrino Opacities and Emissivities in Nuclear Matter: the Current State of the Art and Future Challenges
June 24, 2004 C. Lunardini Neutrino Physics with Supernovae
June 24, 2004 P. Amanik Flavor Changing Neutral Currents and STellar Collapse

Workshop: The Supernova - Gamma Ray Burst Connection

July 12 - 14, 2004

July 12, 2004 S. Woosley Welcome: Supernovae, Gammer-Ray Bursts, and Stellar Rotation
July 12, 2004 D. Lamb X-ray Flashes and the Amati Relation
July 12, 2004 S. Sazonov Integral Results on 031203
July 12, 2004 E. Pian X-Ray Afterglow: Discussion
July 12, 2004 D. Lazzati The Jet Content and Structure of GRBs
July 12, 2004 D. Eichler The Amati Relation and Annular GRBs
July 12, 2004 A. Soderberg Radio Afterglows of SNe and GRBs
July 13, 2004 A. Fruchter Evidence for a GRB Massive Star Association
July 13, 2004 A. Filippenko Unusual Supernovae and GRBs and KAIT observations of GRB afterglows
July 13, 2004 A. Levan Spectroscopic Evidence for a GRB-SN Association
July 13, 2004 D. Malesani The Hypernova SN20031w and GRB031203
July 13, 2004 B. Cobb SMARTS SNe Observations of SN20031w and GRB031203
July 13, 2004 J. Granot Case for Misasligned Jets in Some Supernovae
July 13, 2004 P. O'Brien UK Robotic Telescopes (Faulkes, Super-WASP, and Robonet)
July 13, 2004 W. Zhang Jet-Exploded Massive Stars
July 14, 2004 T. Janka Supernovae and GRB Models - Non-Rotating SNe and Merging Neutron Stars
July 14, 2004 T. Thompson Magnetar Spindown, Hyper-Energetic Supernovae, and Gamma Ray Bursts
July 14, 2004 A.MacFadyen The Collapsar Model
July 14, 2004 V. Usov Magnetorotational Models
July 14, 2004 M. Putten Gravitational Waves from Core-Collaps SNe
July 14, 2004 K. Nomoto Nucleosynthesis in hypernovae
July 14, 2004 R. Surman Neutrinos and Nucleosynthesis in GRBs

Workshop: Supernova Theory And Nucleosynthesis: STAN

July 15 - 17, 2004

July 15, 2004 J. Cowan Stellar Abindances, Supernovae and Heavy Element Nucleosynthesis
July 15, 2004 R. Kraft Magnesium Isotopic Abundances vs Oxygen: An Anomaly Among Globular Cluster Giants
July 15, 2004 R. Taam Cataclysmic Variables as Possible Progenitors of Type 1a Supernovae
July 15, 2004 S. Colgate The High Entropy Proto-Neutron Star Atmosphere
July 15, 2004 W. Hillebrandt A Snowflake in Hell: Modeling Turbulent Thermonuclear Combustion
July 15, 2004 M. Pignatari Research of the Origin of Solar Zinc
July 15, 2004 D. McCray Bad and Good News about Necleosynthesis in SN1987A
July 16, 2004 M. Zingale Direct Numerical Simulations of Type 1a Supernovae Flame Instabilities
July 16, 2004 D. Lamb A Gravitationally Confined Detonation Model of Type 1a
July 16, 2004 S. Austin Charge Exchange and Weak Strength for Astrophysics
July 16, 2004 K. Langanke Electron Capture in Supernovae
July 16, 2004 R. Gallino The sr-process in Massive Stars
July 16, 2004 S. Blinnikov What Have I Learned from Stan on Flames and Supernovae
July 16, 2004 G. Martinez Supernova Neutrino-Nucleus Reactions
July 16, 2004 T. Weaver Times at LLNL with SN Calculations
July 16, 2004 J. Lattanzio The origin of Fluorine in the Milky Way
July 16, 2004 H. Spruit Magic Hydrodynamics in Stars, Part I
Magic Hydrodynamics in Stars, Part II
July 16, 2004 D. Clayton Probing Supernovae Dynamics and Nucleosynthesis with Stardust, Part I
Part II
July 16, 2004 D. Hartmann Supernova Theory and Nucleosynthesis: "The Roast"
July 17, 2004 T. Yoshida Nucleosynthesis of Light Elements through the Neutrino Process in Supernova Explosions
July 17, 2004 F. Thielemann Recent SNII Activities with nu-transport - the Composition of the Innermost Ejecta
July 17, 2004 Y. Qian The r-Process: Where Do We Stand?
July 17, 2004 T. Lee Origin of Rare Odd-Odd La-138: New Clue from Meteoritic Anomalies
July 17, 2004 C. Chen DUST-BUSTER - An Isotope TOF-MS for Stardust
July 17, 2004 M. Howard Stan and Mike and the p-Process
July 17, 2004 D. Hartmann Supernovae: Actors of Many Stages
July 17, 2004 S. Woosley Woosley, Arnett, and Clayton (1973)

Workshop: Type 1a Supernovae and Cosmology Workshop

August 4 - 6, 2004

August 4, 2004 E. Cappellaro Statistical Evidences of the Nature of Type 1a SN Progenitors
August 4, 2004 K. Nomoto The Progenitors of Type Ia SNe
August 4, 2004 S. Starrfield Growing White Dwarfs to the Chandrasekhar Limit
August 4, 2004 T. Uenishi Rotation of Accreting White Dwarfs in Axisymmetric Models
August 4, 2004 M. Hamuy Infrared Lightcurves of Type IA SNe
August 4, 2004 M. Turatto Detailed Observations of Nearby SNe 1a
August 4, 2004 P. Nugent Spectropolarimetry and the 3D Analysis of SNe 1a
August 4, 2004 M. Wood-Vasey Photometry of SN 2002ic and Implications for the Progenitor Mass-Loss History
August 4, 2004 N. Elias SN 2003cg in NGC 3169
August 5, 2004 E. Baron Current Status of Qualitative Spectroscopy of SNe 1a
August 5, 2004 S. Blinnikov Probing SN Explosions with Lightcurves and X-Ray Spectra
August 5, 2004 S. Wunsch Convection and Off-Center Ignition in SNe 1a
August 5, 2004 W. Hillebrandt The Physics and Modeling of Turbulent Thermonuclear Combustion
August 5, 2004 M. Zingale Flame Instabilities in SNe 1a
August 5, 2004 W. Schmidt Challenges in SN 1a Explosion Modeling
August 5, 2004 B. Messer Scaling relations in buoyancy-driven thermonuclear flame
August 5, 2004 A. Calder The Deflagration Phase of Type 1a SNe
August 5, 2004 D. Lamb Type 1a SNe: slightly off-center ignition and gravitationally confined detonation
August 6, 2004 F. Roepke Initial Parameters in Thermonuclear Supernova Explosion Models
August 6, 2004 J. Truran Nucleosynthesis During the Deflagration Phase of SNe 1a
August 6, 2004 P. Hoeflich SN 1a and Cosmology
August 6, 2004 P. Nugent SNIFS First Light
August 6, 2004 H. Lampeitl Searching for Supernovae within SDSS II

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