2018 Faculty Presentations

All lectures will be in room C520 at 9:30 am, unless otherwise noted.

June 25, 2018 Gray Rybka
"Project 8: Towards using Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy of Tritium decay to measure the neutrino mass"
July 2, 2018Deep Gupta
"Nanokelvin Quantum Engineering"
July 9, 2018Arka Majumdar
"Integrated nanophotonics for next-generation information science and sensing"
July 16, 2018Jiun-Haw Chu
"New Frontiers in Quantum Materials: High temperature superconductors and topological phases"
July 23, 2018Alvaro Chavarria
"Searching for dark matter with DAMIC"
July 30, 2018Kai-Mei Fu
"Quantum-enabled technologies"
August 6, 2018Alejandro Garcia
"Helicity, chirality and elementary interactions"