R.J. Furnstahl
The Ohio State University

M. Hjorth-Jensen
University of Oslo

W. Nazarewicz
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

A. Schwenk
EMMI/TU Darmstadt

Program Coordinator:
Inge Dolan
(206) 685-4286

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TALENT: Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory
July 1 - July 19, 2013


The online application for the INT's program "TALENT: Training in Advanced Low-Energy Nuclear Theory" is being handled by "", so that banner will appear at the top of the online application forms and as the "from" address for any email notifications that you receive from that system. Before you begin the application process, please have the following information ready:
  • Cover letter: A one-page description of academic achievements and your motivation for participating in this TALENT course.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • The name and email address of your supervising professor who will provide a letter of recommendation. The system will send an email request to your reference, asking them to upload a letter of recommendation. Please let your professor know in advance that the email will come from "", so that they do not think it is spam.
When you click on the "apply" link that appears in our listing on, the process will be as follows:
  • You will first need to complete the "Standard Coversheet" where you will enter your contact information and the names and email addresses of your references.
  • After you have submitted your "Standard Coversheet", you will be directed to our specific application page to answer additional questions and activate your reference letter requests. When you have successfully submitted the application page, you should receive an email from the system.
  • If you did not already have an account with, the system will automatically create an account for you with your given email address and you will be emailed the password so that you can access your account and application if you should need to update it.