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Seattle Activities

Seattle offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. The climate is mild and not too hot.

Restaurants and Food

Seattle is home to some excellent restaurants. The local style of cuisine is generally influenced by Asian styles, with a strong "localvore" emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. To enable you to get the most out of your visit, we have compiled some maps of local restaurants. The first map contains some outstanding representatives of various cuisines; most are somewhat pricey, but worth the expense for a special occasion. The second map contains more reasonably priced alternatives.

Many restaurants have reasonably priced happy hour specials (usually ending at 6pm) which provide a good way of sampling their food.

Seattle is also home to some fantastic coffee, which is discussed further on a separate page.

If you have any information to add to these maps: updates, good restaurants you discover, etc., please drop a note to Michael McNeil Forbes.

In addition to restaurants, Seattle has several public markets where one can find outstanding local food, including fruits (esp. cherries, apples, peaches, strawberries, and blackberries, depending on the season), local cheeses, pastries, mushrooms, seafood etc. The year-round Pike Place Market is open daily and is a great place to wander and find local food, as are the various Farmers Markets which move throughout the city. In particular, the University District Market runs on Saturday mornings at 50th Ave. and University Way ("The Ave.").

Getting around Seattle

  • Seattle has a good bus system, with express service from the university area to downtown. You can use OneBusAway to check when buses will be arriving at any stop. It is available on the web and as an app for smartphones. The bus fare is currently $2.25 ($2.50 at peak times) and drivers do not carry change, but you can get one free transfer pass for a second bus ride within few hours. Be sure to ask for one when you pay the bus fare. If you are downtown, you may be in the Ride-Free Area, so you can easily move between popular sites.
  • Biking is also practical; there's the Burke-Gilman Trail running from nearby the Physics Building to the west (to Fremont and Ballard, both fun neighborhoods) and to the northeast (past McMahon Hall and on to Magnuson Park). You can go all around Lake Washington if you're ambitious/crazy. You can rent a bike near the university, though this tends to be rather expensive; one such location is Recycled Cycles. A common alternative is to buy a used bicycle at the start of your visit, and then sell it back at the end.
  • Google maps is an excellent tool to help you plan getting point A to B, either with bus, bike, or walking.

Car Rental

Warm-Weather Fun

  • Kayaking is available just down the hill at the Agua Verde Paddle Club (also good for lunch, though lines can be long). Campus canoe/rowboat rentals from the Waterfront Activities Center (across campus to the east from Physics; not far from the gym) There's an outdoor climbing wall near there, too. Or just go swimming in Lake Washington!

Indoor Climbing

National Parks

  • Mount Rainier: Iconic skyline landmark of Seattle, you can find its shadow on every page of the school website.
  • Mount St. Helens: Revisit the scene of the last great volcanic explosion in the United States.
  • Olympic National Park has a wide variety of landscapes and features. You can either take a ferry to get there or drive the long way around, but it is worth it!
  • North Cascades: There are many excellent hikes at all levels.
  • For one person's ideas, see Gajos.

Cultural Activities

Other Culture

  • Pike Place Market: lively, near the water, rather touristy but still fun.
  • Ferry: Take a roundtrip to Bremerton to get a cheap cruise, or go on one of the harbor tours for a fantastic view of the city and mountains.
  • Baseball: Seattle is home to the MLB Mariners. Center field bleachers are cheap, and the stadium is impressive.


  • Stranger Be sure to pick up a copy of the current week's Stranger and Seattle Weekly. They are free and can be found inside most restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, and also in newspaper dispensers along the roadside. They show event listings, reviews, restaurant picks, and an assortment of local journalism.
  • Local Pubs near the University
  • There are lots of bars and restaurants in downtown Fremont (off Fremont Avenue) and also in Capitol Hill and Ballard.
  • Live Music: Lots of venues; see listings in the Stranger, Seattle Weekly or local newspapers. Popular spots include:
    • The Tractor Tavern-Ballard
    • Chop Suey-Capitol Hill
    • The Crocodile Lounge-Belltown
    • The Showbox Music Club-Downtown
    • Neumo's-Capitol Hill