TALENT / INT Course on Nuclear Forces


Here is the planned schedule for the principal lectures. The first lecture each day will be from 9am-10:30am and the second from 11am-12:30am.

We meet again at 2pm for discussion and problem sessions. Student presentations are scheduled for two morning slots in the third week plus some 2pm-3pm periods on the second and third weeks.

[Lecturers: Furnstahl (rjf), Schwenk (as), Gezerlis (ag), Zohreh Davoudi (zd)]

Week 1: July 1-5
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
QCD 1 (as) Nuclear forces 1 (rjf) Nuclear forces 2, pionless EFT 1, 3-body forces (rjf) Cold atoms and neutrons, Quantum Monte Carlo (ag) Quantum Monte Carlo and chiral EFT interactions (ag)
Scattering theory 1 (rjf) Scattering theory 2 (as) Renormalization and universality in pionless EFT (as) Pionless EFT 2, one-pion exchange and tensor forces, deuteron (rjf) Three-body forces and halo nuclei (as)
Week 2: July 8-12
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chiral EFT 1 (as) Chiral EFT 2 (rjf) Renormalization group 1 (rjf) Renormalization group 2 (rjf) Many-body overview (rjf)
Chiral symmetry in NN scattering, QCD 2 (rjf) Three-nucleon forces 1 (as) Nuclear forces from lattice QCD (zd) Three-nucleon forces 2 (as) Nuclear forces and electroweak interactions (as)
Week 3: July 15-19
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Many-body problem and basis considerations (as) Operators for external probes (rjf) Nuclear matter (rjf) Nuclear forces impact on (exotic) nuclei (as) Impact on fundamental symmetries (neutrinos, dark matter, ...) (as)
Many-body perturbation theory (rjf) Neutron matter and astrophysics (as) Student presentations Student presentations From forces to density functionals (rjf)