TALENT / INT Course on Nuclear Forces


Local Landmarks

This is the Physics/Astronomy Tower where the Institute for Nuclear Theory (INT) is located. When you arrive, go to the elevator in the tower and take it to the 4th floor. The INT offices will be on your left. Pick up your badge and information packet there.

The lectures will be held across the plaza in the Lecture Hall Annex (A wing) in room A114. The plaza is dominated by the P-wave sculpture (the "peanut") and the outdoor seating for the H-Bar (not shown).

We will have the lecture room A114 all day (until 6pm) throughout the program. However, we will also have two additional rooms in the afternoon from 2:30pm to 6:30pm, which may be more amenable for working on exercises and having discussions. These rooms, which are in the same building, are A212 (on the left, available July 1-19) and A214 (on the right, available July 3-19).

Local Map

Here are a few locations that may be helpful as you get settled in Seattle. We've highlighted the check-in location, where you can get more information when you arrive.
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