TALENT / INT Course on Nuclear Forces


These pointers to supplementary information will be regularly updated.


Nuclear physics resources

Relevant INT programs and workshops

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Selected past programs/workshops

Talks at recent nuclear physics conferences

Computational resources

  • Mathematica
    • Getting a 30-day trial version of Mathematica. You can download a copy of Mathematica that is almost completely functional (some Import and Export functionality is disabled), which will work at no cost for a month. You can get a version for Windows, Macintosh, or Linux. Here's what to do:
      1. Go here and fill in the box that says "How do you plan to use Mathematica during your trial?" with something like "To do calculations and run demonstration notebooks at a nuclear physics summer school." Press the "Continue" button.
      2. Fill in: first name, last name, email address, password, confirm password, address, city, zip/postal, country, state (if applicable). Choose "student" for "Which best describes you?". Press the "Submit" button.
      3. You will get a unique download link emailed to the address entered in the last part (and another email with an activation key). Go to this email, follow the link, and sign in with the email address and password you entered. Pick your computer type and start the download. It is a big file (about 1.3 GB), so this may take a while if you don't have a fast connection.
      4. Start up the downloaded file and step through the install. The defaults should be fine if you have enough disk space (it needs 4-5GB). When complete, start up Mathematica and put in the activation key that was emailed to you. Accept the terms and you are ready to go!
      5. Here is a sample notebook to try (you may have to save it first, then double-click on it to start up Mathematica or open it from within Mathematica).
  • Python
    • Enthought Canopy Python distribution. Everything you need: SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, and more. Click on "Get Canopy" and download the free version. For a more complete package, get a (free) Academic License before downloading.
    • A Survey of Computational Physics by Rubin Landau, Manual Paez, and Cristian Bordeianu is a free eTextBook using Python. Here is a local copy.