Organizing Committee:

Alex Brown (chair)

Jonathan Engel

Wick Haxton

Michael Ramsey-Musolf

Michael Romalis

Guy Savard

Program Coordinator:
Laura Lee

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Previous workshops:
First Argonne/MSU/JINA/INT RIA Workshop on The r-process: the astrophysical origin of the heavy elements and related Rare Isotope Acclerator Physics INT, Seattle, January 8-10, 2004

Second Argonne/MSU/JINA/INT RIA Workshop on Reaction Mechanisms for Rare Isotope Beams, Michigan State University, March 9-12, 2005

Third Argonne/MSU/INT/JINA RIA Theory Workshop, Argonne National Laboratory, April 4-7, 2006

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The Fourth Argonne/INT/MSU/JINA RIA Theory Workshop on
Rare Isotopes and Fundamental Symmetries

Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington
September 19 - 22, 2007

All talks in Physics Astronomy A114

Wednesday Sept 19th
    8:00: Registration in Physics Astronomy C411

    9:00: coffee reception outside Physics Astronomy A114

    chair (Guy Savard)

    9:45: Alex Brown
    Introduction and coordinates

    10:00: Victor Flambaum
    Parity and time reversal violation in atoms and molecules and test of the Standard Model

    10:45: Klaus Jungmann
    Experiments searching for new interactions in Nuclear beta-decay

    11:30: break

    11:45 Klaus Blaum
    High-precision Penning trap experiments for the study of fundamental symmetries

    12:30: lunch

    chair (Alejandro Garcia)

    2:00: Paul Vetter
    The beta neutrino correlation in sodium-21

    2:45: John Behr
    Decay correlations with atom traps: techniques and possibilities

    3:30: break

    3:45: Alex Brown
    Progress in CI and EDF calculations for nuclear wavefunctions related to fundamental symmetries

    4:30: Jon Engel
    Nuclear structure physics and Schiff moments

    5:00: discussions

Thursday Sept 20th

    chair (John Behr)

    9:00: John Hardy
    Superallowed nuclear beta decay: recent results and their impact on Vud

    9:45: Ian Towner
    Radiative and Isospin-symmetry breaking corrections in superallowedbeta decay

    10:30: break

    11:00: David Pinegar
    Precise measurement of the H-3 to He-3 mass difference

    11:45: Alejandro Garcia
    Isospin breaking from T=2 0+ → 0+ transitions and extracting Vud from neutron beta decay

    12:30: lunch

    chair (Klaus Jungmann)

    2:00: Wick Haxton
    Nuclear constraints on the weak NN Potential

    2:45: Marianna Safronova
    Atomic PNC theory: current status and future prospects

    3:30: break

    4:00: Bertrand Desplanqes
    Parity-violating nucleon-nucleon interactions: What can we learn from nuclear anapole moments?

    4:45: Luis Orozco
    Proposed experiment for the anapole measurement in francium

    5:30: discussion

    7:00: group dinner at Ivars

Friday Sept 21st

    chair (Ian Towner)

    9:00: Tim Chupp
    The Radon EDM Experiment

    9:45: Chuck Horowitz
    Atomic Parity Violation and Neutron Densities, The Jlab PREX experiment and FRIB with hadronic probes

    10:30: break

    11:00: Naftali Auerbach
    Nuclear structure aspects of Schiff Moments

    11:45: Vladimir Zelevinsky
    Search for the collective enhancement of nuclear Schiff moment

    12:30: lunch

    chair (Chuck Horowitz)

    2:00: Peter Mueller
    The Ra EDM experiment at Argonne

    2:45: Dmitry Budker
    Preliminary investigations into a possibility of a sensitive search for the Schiff moment of Pb-207 in a ferroelectric

    3:30: break

    4:00: Cheng-Pang Liu
    The Interpretation of Atomic Electric Dipole Moments: The Schiff Theorem and Its Corrections

    4:45: Klaus Jungmann
    New possibilities to search for permanent electric dipole moments in atoms and nuclei

    5:00: Matt Swallows
    Status of the Hg EDM Experiment

    5:30: Dmitry Budker
    Status of the Search for Parity Violation in Atomic Ytterbium

    6:00: discussion

Saturday Sept 22nd

    chair (Dmitry Budker)

    9:00: Guy Savard
    Ion Traps for Weak Interaction Studies and Prospects for FRIB

    9:45: Kei Minamisono
    Possibilities with collinear laser-polarized atoms

    10:30: break

    11:00: Maxim Pospelov
    Environmental dependence of masses and coupling constants

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