Thomas Duguet (MSU)

Henning Esbensen (ANL)

Ken Nollett (ANL)

Craig Roberts (ANL)

3rd ANL/MSU/INT/JINA RIA Theory Workshop
Held in the Physics Division at Argonne National Laboratory
Building 203 Auditorium.
April 4 - 7, 2006

The meeting is the third in a series and follows two successful workshops, the first at the INT and the second at MSU. In light of the NRC RIA Science Assessment, at this meeting we will take a broad look at the new physics questions that can be addressed with rare isotope beams; e.g., clustering phenomena, diffuse systems, dynamic symmetries, and model predictions for nuclei far from stability.

The organizers encourage the participation of all those interested in the future of rare isotope science. Information for prospective participants can be found at the workshop web site.


The aims and programme for the Workshop, and material providing information on travel and site-access, are available in PDF files linked to this web site. For questions not answered by the material provided at the workshop web site, or on other matters relevant to the venue, please contact one of the local organizers.

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