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First Argonne/MSU/JINA/INT RIA Workshop
The r-process: the astrophysical origin of the heavy elements and related Rare Isotope Acclerator Physics
January 8-10, 2004

Approximately half of the heavy elements with A > 70 in the solar system were produced by rapid (r) neutron capture, the r-process. A number of critical issues, such as the astrophysical sites for the r-process and the role of fission in r-process nucleosynthesis, are still unresolved. This workshop will discuss recent progress in observational, experimental, and theoretical studies of the r-process and try to identify the key nuclear physics issues that should be resolved by experiments at rare isotope accelerator facilities such as RIA, RIKEN, and GSI. The topics to be discussed include: observations of elemental abundances and detection of Th and U in old stars, astrophysical models of the r-process sites, effects of neutrino-nucleus interaction, properties of neutron-rich nuclei far from stability and fission, r-process network calculations, current status of nuclear physics input, and possible measurements of crucial nuclear data at rare isotope accelerator facilities.

A room block has been set up at the following hotels. Please contact the hotel directly to make your own reservation. Be sure to mention that you are participating in the "RIA workshop". The hotel will require a credit card number to guarantee your reservation. The room block will be released on Monday, December 8, 2003.

University Inn
206-632-5055 or 800-733-3855
single occupancy room $85/night plus 15.6% tax
double occupancy room $95/night plus 15.6% tax

Watertown Inn
206-826-4242 or 866-944-4242
single occupancy studio $109/night plus 15.6% tax
double occupancy studio $109/night plus 15.6% tax

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