Americans travelling to Canada are now REQUIRED TO CARRY A PASSPORT. Visitors from other countries also require a passport. Passports typically take 4-6 weeks to process so be sure to plan in advance. Link to U.S. passport information.

Seattle to Vancouver

  • Quick Coach - - offers a bus service from downtown Seattle or the Sea-Tac Airport directly to downtown Vancouver. The motorcoach service runs approximately 5 times daily and takes approximately 4 hours. You should reserve in advance.

  • Rent a car - The drive from Seattle to Vancouver takes approximately 3-4 hours depending on the line-ups at the border. When catching a return flight, it would be advisable to give yourself some extra time, as there can be long waits at the border.

  • Train - The Amtrak Cascades ( from Seattle to Vancouver B.C. and takes about 4 hours. Amtrak trains arrive and depart at historic King Street Station (303 S. Jackson St.), providing service to Vancouver, B.C. Tickets may be purchased online or at the station.
  • Airlines - See airport info below

Vancouver International Airport

The Vancouver International Airport is located approximately 12 mi/19 km from downtown Vancouver. Transportation options from airport to downtown:

  • Taxi - On average, the standard fare from the airport to downtown Vancouver is approximately $30-35.
  • Public transportation - A skytrain connects the airport and the downtown region. Link to public transportation.

Dollar Conversion Rates

The current exchange rate between US and Canada dollars is roughly equal. Current conversion rates.