Thursday, July 1:

David Kaplan, INT Director
The INT @ 20 - [Slides]

Mary Lidstrom, Vice Provost for Research, University of Washington
Introduction to INT @ 20 - [Video]

Steven Koonin, Undersecretary for Science, Dept. of Energy
The future of DOE and its intersections - [Slides] [Video]

Howard Georgi, Harvard University
QCD - From flavor SU(3) to effective field theory - [Slides] [Video]

Silas Beane, University of New Hampshire
Lattice QCD for nuclear physics- [Slides] [Video]

Paulo Bedaque, University of Maryland
Effective field theories in nuclear physics - [Slides] [Video]

Michael Ramsey-Musolf, University of Wisconsin
Fundamental symmetries of nuclear physics: A window on the early Universe - [Slides] [Video]

Matthias Burkardt, New Mexico State University
Transverse (spin) structure of hadrons - [Slides] [Video]

Barbara Jacak, SUNY Stony Brook University
Quark-gluon plasma: from particles to fields? - [Slides] [Video]

Raju Venugopalan, Brookhaven National Lab
Wee gluons and their role in creating the hottest matter on Earth - [Slides] [Video]

Jean-Paul Blaizot, Saclay
Is the quark-gluon plasma strongly or weakly coupled? - [Slides] [Video]

Dam Son, INT
Applications of holography - [Slides] [Video]

Friday, July 2:

Deborah Jin, JILA
Universal relations in an ultracold Fermi gas - [Slides] [Video]

Gordon Baym, University of Illinois
From ultracold atomic gases to the QGP - [Slides] [Video]

George Bertsch, INT
Nuclear structure: from model to theory - [Slides] [Video]

Thomas Papenbrock, University of Tennessee & ORNL
Model independent computations of atomic nuclei: status and perspectives - [Slides] [Video]

Christopher Jarzynski, University of Maryland
The second law of thermodynamics at the nanoscale: what do we know that Maxwell, Boltzmann
and Gibbs did not already understand?
- [Slides] [Video]

Hamish Robertson, University of Washington
The neutrino @ 80 - [Slides] [Video]

Gail McLaughlin, North Carolina State University
Neutrinos and nucleosynthesis from black hole accretion disks - [Slides] [Video]

Cecilia Lunardini, Arizona State University
Supernova neutrinos at future detectors - [Slides] [Video]

Yong-Zhong Qian, University of Minnesota
Neutrinos and the origin of the elements - [Slides] [Video]

Sanjay Reddy, Los Alamos National Laboratory
A low energy theory of the neutron star crust and its observable implications - [Slides] [Video]

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