2010 will mark the twentieth anniversary of the creation of the INT, the nuclear theory community's national visitor center. To celebrate this occasion we are holding a two-day symposium in Seattle, July 1-2, 2010, featuring invited talks reflecting the ever-growing scientific diversity of nuclear physics; topics include recent developments and future directions in QCD, nuclear structure, quantum chaos, nuclear astrophysics, the many-body physics of trapped atoms, and recent developments from string theory.

With only a plenary session, catered lunches, and a dinner banquet, we are looking forward to an occasion where people can interact and share in this assessment of where nuclear physics is today, and where it is heading. After it is over, you can head up to Vancouver BC (go here for travel information) to take part in INPC2010, which runs July 4-9. Come join us for this scientific celebration!†

Program is now available; refresh browser if necessary.   Area map

Presentations can be viewed here.

Invited speakers:

G. Baym
S. Beane
P. Bedaque
G. Bertsch
J.-P. Blaizot
M. Burkardt
H. Georgi
W. Haxton
B. Jacak
C. Jarzynski
D. Jin
S. Koonin
C. Lunardini
G. McLaughlin
T. Papenbrock
Y.-Z. Qian
M. Ramsey-Musolf
S. Reddy
H. Robertson
D. Son
R. Venugopalan


† The INT will not be providing local expense reimbursement as it does for regular INT programs and workshops. The lunches and banquet are provided gratis to participants.

There is no registration fee before May 20; after May 20 a registration fee of $50 will be charged.