Chuck Horowitz
Indiana University

Thomas Janka
The Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics

Sanjay Reddy
Institute for Nuclear Theory

Kate Scholberg
Duke University

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Kimberlee Choe
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INT Workshop INT-16-61W

Flavor Observations with Supernova Neutrinos

August 15 - 19, 2016


Supernova (SN) neutrinos, as astrophysical messengers, carry unique flavor information that may be crucial for understanding neutrino oscillations, the SN explosion mechanism, and nucleosynthesis. Historically, about 20 electron anti-neutrinos were detected from SN 1987A. Today, Super-Kamiokande and other large water and liquid scintillator detectors should make detailed measurements of electron anti-neutrinos from the next galactic core collapse supernova. In addition, the large liquid argon detector, proposed for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), could add important information on the spectrum of electron neutrinos. Combining the liquid Ar data on electron neutrinos, the water data on anti-neutrinos, and other measurements of mu and tau neutrinos promises a new era where detailed flavor information will be recorded for a galactic SN. This one week workshop will bring together neutrino experimentalists and experts from the supernova modeling community as well as nuclear and neutrino physicists with the goal to develop and assess the needs and the scientific perspectives of a neutrino facility like DUNE.

We anticipate about 50 participants, representing the different subfields and promoting diversity, with the following agenda.

* Detecting neutrinos from the next galactic supernova.

* Neutrino transport in the core-collapse supernova.

* Neutrino interactions in dense matter and neutrino-nucleus cross-sections.

* Neutrino flavor and spin evolution in dense environments.

* Open issues and implications for nuclear, particle and astrophysics.

There will be a $40 registration fee to attend the 16-61W workshop. The registration fee includes participation in the workshop, lectures, and coffee breaks.