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George Bertsch (local contact)

Pawel Danielewicz

Program Coordinator:
Laura Lee
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7th ANL/INT/JINA/MSU Annual FRIB workshop

August 8 - 12, 2011

Interfaces Between Nuclear Reactions and Structure

Ongoing and planned experiments with rare isotopes offer great promise to further our understanding of nuclei and their role in astrophysics, but theory is needed both for interpreting the data and for highlighting the needed experiments. This workshop will bring together experimenters and theorists to discuss the needs from each side and perhaps offer guidance for future research efforts. The talks in the workshop should provide material for consideration in the INT Program that will start the week of the workshop and continue until September 2nd.

The experiment-theory interface topics that will be covered are:

  1. Single-particle transfer/knockout and spectroscopic factors
  2. Two- and multi-nucleon transitions and correlations
  3. Charge-exchange reactions
  4. Evolution of shell structure
  5. Coulex and collective excitations
  6. Intermediate energy experiments and isospin

Previous workshops:

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Fifth ANL/INT/MSU/JINA annual FRIB Theory Workshop
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Michigan State University, November 19-22, 2008

Fourth Argonne/INT/MSU/JINA RIA Theory Workshop
Rare Isotopes and Fundamental Symmetries
Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington, September 19 - 22, 2007

Third ANL/MSU/INT/JINA RIA Theory Workshop
Opportunities with Exotic Beams
Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory, April 4 - 7, 2006

Second Argonne/MSU/JINA/INT RIA Workshop
Reaction Mechanisms for Rare Isotope Beams,
Michigan State University, March 9-12, 2005

First Argonne/MSU/JINA/INT RIA Workshop
The r-process: the astrophysical origin of the heavy elements and related Rare Isotope Accelerator Physics,
Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington, January 8-10, 2004