Alex Brown (chair)

Pawel Danielewicz

Henning Esbensen
Argonne National Lab

Jeff Tostevin
University of Surrey

Program Coordinator:
Laura Lee
(206) 685-3509

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INT Program INT-11-2d

Interfaces between structure and reactions for rare isotopes and nuclear astrophysics

August 8 - September 2, 2011


If you are interested in this program, please fill out an application form. Application and visit related correspondence should be directed to the program coordinator Laura Lee. Scientific correspondence should be directed to Alex Brown. Local support will be provided for accepted participants.


The goal of this program is to identify and understand the problems that need to be solved in the area of theory for reactions with rare isotopes that are required for planning experiments for FRIB (the Facility for Rare Isotopes) and understanding their results in terms of nuclear structure and applications to nuclear astrophysics. The program will:

    Bring together reaction and structure theorists who will work together to identify specific needs of reaction theory and propose paths for their solutions and implementation.

    Find ways to to make the computational tools of reaction theory accessible to the community.

This 4-week program will consist of solicited lectures intermixed with presentations of new results, with ample time for collaboration and directed discussions.

The week of August 8th, our program will host the ANL/INT/JINA/MSU annual FRIB workshop during which others including experimentalists will be invited to present a week of concentrated talks and discussions.

Topics to be included in our program are:

  • Direct reactions for transfer and charge exchange
  • Nucleon and cluster capture for astrophysics
  • Knockout reactions
  • Fusion reactions of weakly-bound nuclei
  • Ab-initio approaches for light nuclei
  • EFT for halo nuclei
  • Many-body approaches to the continuum and its decay
  • Time-dependent and dynamical approaches for structure and reactions
  • Central reactions and the nuclear equation of state
  • Di-proton decay and nuclear structure
  • Correlations from nuclear matter to nuclei