Karsten M. Heeger
University of Wisconsin

Baha Balantekin
University of Wisconsin

Steen Hannestad
University of Aarhus

Eric Linder
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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The Future of Neutrino Mass Measurements:
Terrestrial, Astrophysical, and Cosmological Measurements
in the Next Decade

February 8-11, 2010

Workshop Goals

The goal of this international workshop is to review the status and future of direct and indirect neutrino mass measurements in the laboratory as well as from astrophysical and cosmological observations. This meeting will bring together experts from neutrino physics, astrophysics, and cosmology to critically assess what these fields can contribute to the measurement of the neutrino mass and the determination of the neutrino mass spectrum in the next decade. The discussions of this workshop will be summarized in a white paper.

The topics to be covered in this workshop include the following:

  • Direct neutrino mass measurements:
    tritium beta decay measurements with spectrometers, bolometric measurements
  • New ideas for direct neutrino mass measurements:
    trapped atoms, ion storage rings, cyclotron frequency, bolometric experiments
  • Effective neutrino masses in double beta decay experiments:
    experiment and theory
  • Astrophysical information on neutrino masses: supernovae
  • Cosmological constraints on neutrino masses: large scale structure, CMB anisotropies, weak lensing, last scattering surface, galaxy power spectra
  • Model dependencies, statistical analysis, best limits: Cosmological models, combining astrophysical and laboratory information on neutrino mass, PDG best limits

Since the capacity of the INT meeting spaces is limited, participation in the workshop is by invitation only. To apply please use the online form. We will accept applications until December 14, 2009. After this date, you can continue to apply and we will keep a wait list of interested participants in case space opens up in the workshop.

Workshop Structure

The workshop will span four days and consist of review talks, selected presentations on new developments in experiment, observation, and theory, as well as discussion sessions. The workshop discussion will serve to develop a coherent picture of the status and future prospects of terrestrial and astrophysical measurements of neutrino mass.


The workshop will be held at the Institute of Nuclear Theory in Seattle. For further information see:

Registration Fee

A small registration of approximately $40 will be charged to cover coffee breaks.