Brian Cole
Columbia University

Ulrich Heinz
Ohio State University

Peter Jacobs
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Yuri Kovchegov
The Ohio State University

Berndt Mueller
Duke University

Jamie Nagle
University of Colorado

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Inge Dolan
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Viscous hydro I
June 7-11, 2010 [all talks in C-421]

Monday, June 7 (Chair: Brian Cole)
9:00Steffen Bass"Hadron gas transport coefficients from UrQMD"
10:30Anton Wiranata"Transport coefficients of the hadron resonance gas"

Tuesday, June 8 (Chair: Brian Cole)
9:00 Yogiro Hama"The ridge as a shadowing effect in hydrodynamics"
10:30Zi-wei Lin"Quark recombination models"

Wednesday, June 9 (Chair: Ulrich Heinz)
9:00 Philipe Mota"Hydrodynamics with fluctuating initial conditions"
10:30Hannu Holopainen"Event-by-event ideal fluid dynamics with fluctuating initial energy density profiles"

Thursday, June 10 (Chair: Ulrich Heinz)
9:00Derek Teaney"Viscous hydrodynamics at second order and viscous corrections to phase-space distributions"
10:30Sean Gavin"Computing viscosity from correlation measurements"

Friday, June 11 (Chair: Ulrich Heinz)
9:00Matt Luzum"v4 from viscous hydrodynamics"
10:30Pasi Huovinen"Lattice-based equations of state and their effects on hydrodynamic flow"