Brian Cole
Columbia University

Ulrich Heinz
Ohio State University

Peter Jacobs
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Yuri Kovchegov
The Ohio State University

Berndt Mueller
Duke University

Jamie Nagle
University of Colorado

Program Coordinator:
Inge Dolan
(206) 685-4286

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Viscous hydro II
June 14 - 18, 2010 [all talks in C-421]

Monday, June 14 (Chair: Berndt Mueller)
9:00Huichao Song"Results from viscous hydrodynamics coupled to UrQMD"
10:30Tetsu Hirano"Current status of QGP hydro + hadron cascade approach"

Tuesday, June 15 (Chair: Jamie Nagle)
9:00 Jorgen Randrup"Spinodal phase decomposition with viscous fluid dynamics"
10:30Art Poskanzer"Comparing theory to elliptic flow experiments: non-flow and fluctuations"
2:30Roy Lacey"Musings on the extraction of the transport coefficients of the quark gluon plasma produced in RHIC collisions"

Wednesday, June 16 (Chair: Berndt Mueller)
9:00 Denes Molnar"Testing causal viscous hydrodynamic formulations using covariant transport theory"
10:30Piotr Bozek"Constraining bulk and shear viscosities from spectra, v2 and HBT"

Thursday, June 17 (Chair: Ulrich Heinz)
9:00 Jean-Yves Ollitrault"Elliptic flow fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions"
10:30 Ron Soltz"Constraining initial conditions at RHIC with viscous hydro dynamics"

Friday, June 18 (Chair: Jamie Nagle)
9:00Scott Pratt"Global analysis of soft data at RHIC"
10:30Jinfeng Liao"The flowing RHIC matter: fluidity, opacity, and (non)collectivity "